Saturday, June 4, 2016

A trip deferred

I miss visiting Washington, DC.  Although I could go there in May, I would have a hard time connecting with several people that live in the Baltimore-Washington corridor.  Two of the people would be in the New York City area on Mother's Day, and I have no read on the other people I'd want to catch up with.  Since I'd only be able to afford a 3 day weekend, given that I need to save paid time off for this Autumn's cruise, it makes more sense to defer this trip to Autumn - and write off a half week this year to visit Fantasia Fair.

- - - - - -

What is it about DC that I like?  Well, it is a city that is more transgender friendly than New York.  The other day, I wrote an email to the folks at our Metropolitan Transportation Authority, saying that the gender indicator on our monthly passes discriminate against transgender folk.  Many of us have ambiguous presentations, and having to justify a "M" or a "F" on our passes can be embarrassing or humiliating - depending on how the conductor examines the monthly ticket.  New York worries more about the fraud that doesn't occur, and not about the casual passing of the transit pass to someone of the same sex - which does occur.  (As an example, a former coworker lent his pass to his son, so that he could have a free ride into NYC.) How much more risk for fraud is there, if a transperson were to be presenting in his/her preferred presentation on a day off?  Not much....

I plan to write more letters to the MTA in the near future, and I hope that other transgender folk in the NYC area will do the same.  One can cite memberships in the local GLBT organizations, and note that the gender flag makes it very awkward for transgender folk prior to transition.  Hopefully, if enough of us write in, things will change....

- - - - - -

But back to DC....

I love being able to go out and about en-femme whenever I have the chance.  So far, I've never had any problems in DC.  Is it because the city is "Politically Correct"?  Who knows?  But I've always been treated with respect there, and if it weren't for the Summer weather, I'd consider retiring in the region.

Like New York, there is a wealth of culture - in spite of the city being the seat of government. Yet, there are major drawbacks to DC. The mass transit system is not funded properly, and the DC Metro has fallen into a state where it had to be completely shut down for emergency safety inspection.  Even New York's subway didn't get that bad.  (But it came very close.)  But with DC being the seat of government, the people are stuck with the headaches of being the seat of government - something New York only occasionally deals with when POTUS is in town.

With all of this, I like DC - and hope to be there again in the Fall.  Sometime in August, I'll be checking in with my friends to see if they will be available - and will hopefully see them in October - all of us en-femme, of course.



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