Thursday, June 16, 2016

A rare chance to get out en-femme on a night other than Thursday

For once, the gods smiled on me, and allowed me to make it home in time to change into Marian Mode, then make it up to Newburgh to see my favorite saleslady.  This was not my first planned destination - I gave Pat a chance for me to visit her (we've been trying to meet for a while), but she was too busy studying for a summer session class that would end next week. So, I got into this dress, found an aqua shrug that looked perfect with this dress, and out the door I went....

It was a pleasant surprise to see DD again.  She and a coworker were trying on the merchandise, to keep themselves busy.  The second lady (I forgot her name) was of African-American background and had very dark skin.  I mention this because everything she was wearing when I arrived was black - her leggings, her bra, her camisole, etc.... About the only thing that had any semblance of color was an asymmetrical shirt (?) she had layered over her ensemble - and that was in several shades of gray.  (I wish I could have a body like hers - with curves in all the right places.)  Each top she tried on made what she wore into a stunning ensemble. 

Just before I left, DD and I exchanged phone numbers - she was inviting me to a "Scent" party she was having on Sunday.  (Think of Mary Kay for perfumes.)  Although I am likely to be with GFJ, it made sense for me to have her number, just in case I wanted to accept due to GFJ not being around....

- - - - - -

While at the store, GFJ called.  Once I was on the road, I called her back, and she told me more of the ongoing story called "Troubles with the Wasband."  One of the things almost all divorce lawyers will tell their clients is to separate all co-mingled assets. GFJ didn't do this, trying to be a nice person - and the Wasband kept screwing her without kissing her.  (It's not as if she wants HIS lips on hers these days.) Today, she finally took her lawyer's advice.  As much as I'd like to say more, I won't do that.  GFJ is entitled to her privacy.

GFJ has a lot to do in less than 10 days, much of which now includes paperwork for her divorce proceedings. But more importantly, she has to pack for an upcoming vacation.  She leaves on Father's Day, and will be back 10 days later.  I will miss her, but will love to have the chance to spend some weekend time as Marian.

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