Wednesday, May 11, 2016

You could almost smell the 420.... (And I'm not talking about concert goers.)

Snoop Dogg - Mr. "420" himself.   What does this connoisseur of hemp have to do with me?

- - - - - -

Yesterday, they were setting up the area next to the South Street Seaport complex for some form of concert.  Although the weather looked iffy, the AOL banner was all over the place, plugging something called "AOL Access".

By the time I was about to leave the office, I saw the staff testing the equipment, making sure that all of the recorded and programmed introductions were ready to go at the push of a button.  Yet, I had no idea of who was going to show up, except for the head of AOL.

Well, today was a rainy day, and the cab stand that is usually outside my office building was gone - it was replaced by several Television Production trucks, with dressing rooms, etc. for the people who were to go on stage.

I work on one of the upper floors of my building, and around the end of the normal work day, we heard loud music from the street below.  Although we weren't able to hear exactly what people were "singing", we could hear what passed for percussion at times. And I wondered why people would stay out in the rain for performances from second tier performers.  (We found out who was performing from an email sent around my office, and that's how I found out that Snoop was playing.)

Don't get me wrong - I actually like Snoop Dogg, and think he's an interesting performer.  Of course, having performed "My Medicine" with Willie Nelson was a stroke of genius.  These performers will need to have their tour buses registered with the FAA, because they never touch ground. :-)  And to quote from an ad he did (with Lee Iaccoca) for Chrysler, "If the ride's more fly, then you must buy...."  Even Iaccoca liked Snoop Dogg.  I wonder if there's anyone doesn't like Snoop Dogg....

Being serious - I'd have loved to get pictures of the concert, but at 7:45 pm, I'd rather get home and get comfortable in my jammies. So off I went to the subway and went home.

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