Thursday, May 19, 2016

Where is the "Fat Lady" when I need her?

The other day, I saw this gentleman singing opera at Times Square.  As usual, I walked quickly through the station, so that I would hear as little opera as possible.  Where is that fat lady when I want her to start singing?

- - - - - -

If I were into opera, I'd be saying that this fellow was halfway decent.  But my taste is more into symphonic music, "modern" pop (from the 1930's to 1970's), some jazz, and rock & roll.  "Jumping Jack Flash" really is a gas, gas gas....

It seems like the only 3 stations on my route that regularly have music is Grand Central, Times Square and Penn Station. I don't pay much attention to what's going on at Grand Central, as it is usually my entry point or exit point from the subway system.  But I have heard music elsewhere - not nearly as often as in these three stations.  (I expect that there are several other points that have regular "performances" - 14th Street, Herald Square (34th Street), and several in Brooklyn.  I never reach these places on a normal weekday, so I never see other performers.) 

- - - - - -

If I still had six weeks of vacation, I'd likely be taking a day off soon.  (Of course, if I still had the old job, I'd have already spent some time in the DC area, visited Meg (and wife), and then gone to Baltimore to see two more people I know.)  One of the people I connect to on Facebook is doing some modeling as part of a clothing store's promotion. She'll get to buy the clothes at a good discount, and they get some free models.  As for me, I'm just outside the range of sizes they carry.  So there would be little chance of me spending money there that day.

Assuming all goes right, I will likely be able to hold my own and keep my new job.  This will keep me in money to buy new frocks like the one below:

Both Lili and Vicki liked this dress.  But all of us agreed - it must be worn with a pair of leggings.  Vicki thought the black version looked a little too matronly, but the red version also looks good - just not as good as the blue.  So I will likely place the order for the dress in a couple of days, and be wearing it the first chance I get....

- - - - - -

The way things are going, I'll try to get to DC again in the Fall.  Unlike my past trips, they will likely be doing emergency work on the entire Metro system - only to bring it back into a state of good repair.  (If only NYC could catch up with the subways here!)  I also want to spend some time in Philly, and there is one blogger I'd like to meet - if she has the time between her two jobs.

Yet, I still have a short distance travel itch that much be sated.  I'm thinking of saying to GFJ that we should take a long drive to the Rochester area and see the exhibits at the Eastman Museum.  I am in love with film, and the museum is a great place to visit.  (It's strange, that in the 2 1/2 years that I traveled to Rochester on a regular basis, that I never had the chance to visit this place.)  Afterwards, it would be a trip to another Upstate NY town (such as Cooperstown) and seeing something of interest there.  (Last time at the Baseball Hall of Fame, I told people I went there to see Roy Hobbs' uniform.  And no one picked up on what I was saying.)  Again, my interest in both baseball and movies easily intersect with each other.  So I'm looking to do this on a 3 day weekend, as GFJ and I have things to do during the week....

- - - - - -

So where was the "Fat Lady"?   God only knows, but I want her nearby whenever someone starts to sing opera.  Now, if they start singing "Take me out to the Ball Game", then count me in!

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