Sunday, May 1, 2016


The humble toilet - in a position where it can be used by all genders.  Today's mention of toilets has nothing to do with Transgender Bathroom Bills, and everything to do with installing a new toilet.

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Earlier in the week, my brother conscripted me to help him install a new toilet in our dad's house.  Well, today was installation day, and I skipped out on getting an oil change because of my lack of sleep from the night before, as well as taking care of a load of laundry I had planned to do before driving to Long Island.

By the time I got moving, my brother was very upset at me.  It was already noon, and he wanted to start work as early as possible.  As for me, my highest priority was rest and relaxation, as my weekend was already overbooked.  Add to this a problem - I likely have a nasty boil in a place I can't see in a mirror (I'll let you figure out where), and I am not able to completely clean myself in the normal way.  Luckily, I already have a doctor's visit scheduled for a periodic blood pressure monitoring, and I can ask him about this problem on that visit.

I arrived at my dad's at 1:15 pm, and we proceeded to start work at 1:30 pm or so.  My brother did 90% of the work, but he was glad that he had an extra set of eyes to prevent him from making an installation mistake.  (He seated the toilet, forgetting to install the wax donut ring around the exit pipe.  Since he seated the toilet on a concrete base for stability, it would have been a pain to fix this problem once the concrete had set.)  By 4:30 pm, we were done, and I was on my way back home.

It's always good to see family.  But with the way I felt, I would rather have stayed home and rested.....

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