Monday, May 30, 2016

Thinking about the weekend...

Sometimes, I can get a lot of things started (or done) when GFJ is not around.  This was one of those weekends.

- - - - - -

On Friday, it was a late night with WDJ.  Saturday, it was an air conditioner delivery, followed by some time I used to sort out a lot of stuff - tossing a bit of it into the dumpster.  And Sunday was a day dedicated to me.

One of the things I want to do on a Sunday is go back to church.  This doesn't look like it will happen until after Labor Day, given the summer weather.  No, I don't intend to be a regular attendee. But I do intend to develop a connection to the community - in Marian mode.  Unless I intended to live my life (part time) as Mario (which would only happen if I were in a relationship with a woman), it doesn't make sense for me to spend that much time in Mario mode.  But 8:00 am came around this morning, and I didn't want to bother showering, shaving, doing make up, and getting out the door on time.  So I skipped out on this event.

I had a meetup I could go to.  WPB was hosting an event at 12:30 pm, and I skipped out on that one as well.  Yes, physical exhaustion did play a part in things - the housework I did the day before triggered a need for rest.  And these days, when my body says REST, I listen to it.  Eventually, I made it out the door, and went shopping.  Although I didn't find anything that shouted "Buy Me!", I had the pleasure of trying things on for a change.  It was a great day to go out en-femme!

By the end of the day, I didn't want to risk a case of indigestion.  So I begged off on another dinner date with a friend and went home to do laundry.  I couldn't believe how much laundry I needed to do.  Although I did 4 loads, I could easily have done one more - if I had the time to get the dryer started by 9:45 pm or so.  I didn't, so I carted everything up the stairs, hung the shirts up to dry, folded the trousers, and called it a night....

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