Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The wires that support us

The above print has been edited to prevent the worker from being identified.  Enough information has been left in the picture, so that you have a chance of guessing why he didn't want to be identified.  And frankly, given the floor I was on when I took this picture, breaking this rule was not putting him at any greater risk than he already was dealing with being on my floor....

- - - - - -

GFJ went home this morning, and I went to work.  Paperwork that I needed to complete took me forever to complete, and when it was sent off to the client, resulted in the client catching an error or two that I missed.  (No, this was not as bad as it sounds - there was a typo or two, and there was an extra message which I didn't notice that needed to be edited for the client's new name.) By the time I was done with this document, it was 3:00 pm, and I was assigned another project to get me up to speed.

There is a minor problem with our project tracking system, and I expect that my boss will need to file some more paperwork to get things resolved for me.  As much as my division feels like a startup, it is also a mature division in a mature company.  And as a result, we get the occasional glitch because of our "isolation" from the rest of the company.  So I've taken an attitude that if there is a problem, that the problem will eventually get fixed.  I have to trust in the process, even when I have my doubts of whether things will work out or not....

Since today was not a Thursday, I made sure to leave after my boss did.  And it was nice to see all the ladies wearing their skirts and dresses - and wishing I were born a cisgender female, so that I could be enjoying the season in the clothes I'd like to be wearing during the day.

- - - - - -

Eventually, I made it home - and started to do some laundry.  It's amazing how things have changed since last year at this time.  When I loaded the machine tonight, I loaded what I needed most for the next couple of days - Mario's underwear.  Last year, the load's breakdown would be 90% Marian / 10% Mario.  And I certainly was more comfortable during the day.

I can't wait until retirement, when I can be Marian all of the time....

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