Monday, May 2, 2016

The three shows I like to watch on a weekly basis.

Right now, the three shows I like to watch on TV are:
  1. Real Time with Bill Maher
  2. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
  3. Fear the Walking Dead
The first two shows point out the hypocrisy and problems with America, and cause people to think about the problems in American society.  The third show is a mindless romp through a newly created Zombieland - an escape from the problems pointed out by the first two shows.

- - - - - -

I've been a fan of Bill Maher's since he had his "Politically Incorrect" show on ABC many years ago.  Once he angered the politically correct left with his views on the 9/11 Hijackers, his show was dropped from broadcast alr waves, and reincarnated on HBO as a weekly series.  I like someone who angers both sides of the political aisle, and Maher does it well.

Next is Last Week Tonight.  John Oliver skewers problems in our society, and has come down in favor of transgender rights.  It's too bad that he can't run for president, as we need people who can find out what the real problems are that society needs to address, and then work on solving them. 

Last is Fear the walking Dead.  The show is truly mindless, and seeing people beat up on Zombies is fun, especially being totally make-believe.  I enjoy escapist shows on occasion, but would normally rather to watch shows like the first two shows than most of the crap showing on TV these days....

- - - - - -

Sadly, the closest thing to a show about transgender folk was "New Girls on the Block" - and the show only ran for a short run.  Too bad.  We need more people seeing that we are a part of society, and that we have wants, needs and desires like everyone else.  Hopefully, we'll soon see some shows with important roles for transgender folk, as I feel that once people see that we're just like everyone else, then the crap coming from the "Conservatives" will start to ease off....

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