Sunday, May 22, 2016

Some thoughts about women and the work force.

A woman's work is never done....  And now that I'm back in the workforce, I have a greater appreciation for what a working woman, especially a working mother, has to deal with in life.

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My boss's boss is a nice lady who has a 4 year old child.  She is lucky to be able to schedule her work around her child's needs - as she can work from home as needed.  In the past 3 months that I have worked there, she has had to work from home at least 4 days I know of - simply because of the needs of her child. She appreciates her position.  There are quite a few women who have to trade money for flexible work.  Men don't usually have to do this - they delegate the tasks of child raising to their wives. 

I'm thinking about my ex-girlfriend Patty.  What would have happened if she had to raise a child?  Could she have been "Superwoman" and kept her good paying career AND raise a child on her own?  This question can no longer be answered - as she is no longer able to bear children, and she is now retired. But is anyone could do it, it would have been Patty.

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In a recent conversation with an ex coworker, the topic of the millennial generation came up.  And we both agreed that the younger generation is no longer making the same trade-offs that my generation made. "Middle Class" females are no longer leaving the work force to raise children.  They are demanding that their husbands take on some of the tasks of raising kids.  My boss is one example of this - I've seen him run out to take care of his daughter's needs while his wife is out taking care of business.

As women start to come into their own in regards to money and power, I expect that we'll see seismic social shifts that we can't even begin to fathom.  Dollars to doughnuts, that Abortion will become less of an issue, as women will begin using much more safe and reliable birth control methods - and that "abortions" will be able to be performed with drugs one can get via mail order sources.  It will only be something women talk of amongst themselves, as it will be the unspoken secret that many women will use to preserve their independence from excessively controlling men.

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With pregnancy under a woman's full control, I expect that women will be staying longer in their careers, and that they will gain more power in the work place because of that.  As Al Jolson (and others) have said: "You ain't seen nothing yet!"



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