Sunday, May 29, 2016

Quickie: A strange encounter on the subway

Recently I encountered a bunch of young women (high school seniors with chaperones) on my way to work. They were in town for a few days, taking in New York on a whirlwind visit. (These are NOT the ladies.  I do not want to advertise their school or what they claim to believe in.  Let's call it "Smalltown Christian Academy", and note that I'm respecting the privacy of these ladies.)

I enjoyed seeing this group on the subway - they all had the better parts of their lives in front of them, and I doubt any of them had to worry about being gender variant.  But what if any one of them was a F2M Transgender waiting to come out of the cocoon?  I doubt that this person would get any support from this person's peers.

Schools like "Smalltown Christian Academy" are geared to indoctrinate people into mindless followers of the "authority du jour".  Questioning isn't allowed, and very little personal expression of individuality is tolerated.  Schools like this have been spoofed in movies such as "Saved" and "But I'm only a Cheerleader" - but satire runs too closely to the truth.

I wonder what will happen to these women as they grow up?  Hopefully, they will not grow up as prejudiced as their communities seem to be.  But I fear for the worse....

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