Friday, May 13, 2016

Playing Games

As usual, since I started my new job, I got to the game venue late.  But I was not late for any game.  By the time the next couple came (bringing our total up to 8 people), it was about 8:30 - 8:45 pm, and we broke up into two groups.  One playing a game called Skull in the other room, and my group playing Wiz War in the kitchen.

The reason I mention this couple is that the female half treats me very warmly - and I am very grateful that she does so.  She only knows me as Marian, and seems to treat me as if I were born as Marian and not Mario.  Sadly, she was playing the game in the other room, while I was playing Wiz War.

Now, Wiz War is an interesting game.  But it wasn't interesting enough that I would remember it after playing it once.  (Or it is similar enough to another game I've played there that I have forgotten playing it.) As usual, I didn't play that well - and lost as usual.  After losing, I realized that I had to try and get home a little early, as I was falling asleep on the train home.

Hopefully, I'll feel rested when I wake up, as I may have to see my dad in the hospital tomorrow.  (More on that later.)

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