Friday, May 27, 2016

Getting back to normal....

"What, Me Worry?"

This has been the attitude I've had in regard to my commute for the past two days.  When I get in, I get in to work.  When it's time to leave, I leave - and I leave the office behind me.  This is important when one hasn't developed a sense of security at work, and one needs to feel secure in life.  As my therapist once advised me - "Fake it until you make it."  And in this case, he's right.  Try to do the right thing, act like you are confident in what you're doing, and hopefully, all will turn out right.

Today, I was in to the office only 30 minutes late - instead of the 90 minutes I was late the day before.  Since it was Thursday, I made sure that I was going to leave early - and I still hung out a little late to get some of the things that I'm behind on done.  This is just as well. It didn't make sense for me to catch an overcrowded train after all the seats have been taken. Instead, it made sense for me to be on the platform as the doors opened for the train, so that I could take the seat of my choice.  I was lucky to do so, as there were standees on the trainand I was glad not to be one of them.

On my way down to game night, I made several calls.  Lili was with her tenant - and I'm a little annoyed at her, as she used the wrong pronoun.  (I don't care if he knows that I'm transgender and live in both male and female modes, use the correct bloody pronoun when referring to me, when I have never appeared as Mario in front of him.)  Next, I called DCD - and found out that he got his divorce, but got screwed in the alimony settlement.  And then, I tried to reach GFJ - who was out having dinner with one of her friends.
Game night was uneventful, and I lost every game I played. But I had fun doing so.  On the way home, I was finally able to speak with GFJ - and she told me about one of her crazy girlfriends.  This female friend is crying out for attention, and she has been losing her friends quickly - GFJ soon to be one of them.  I suggested to GFJ that she do this friend a "solid" and tell the friend why people are abandoning their friendships, along with a strong suggestion that the friend get psychiatric help.

I hope that GFJ does the right thing before she abandons the friendship....


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