Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Danish Dogs

I don't know how many of you have had the chance to visit Grand Central Terminal lately.  The place is a mess, with various pieces of the construction puzzle supporting East Side Access for the LIRR.  It's a pain to transfer between commuter trains and the NYC subway, as construction is blocking both egress and ingress to the system.  Sadly, there is no end in sight.

Recently, one of the areas which was blocked off for a week or two (for floor resurfacing) has reopened for use and now has a specialty deli and specialty hot dog stand where two coffee and bagel shops once stood.  And I'm not sure we are better off.

In the morning, the deli part of this enterprise sells tasty, but very pricey baked morning nibbles, while the grill area sells expensive gourmet egg sandwiches. How expensive?  The average breakfast sandwich is over $7.50.  In the evening, the same stand sells expensive hot dogs, and each costs an average of $7.50 - twice as much as the dogs sold at Zaro's downstairs.

This stand sells 4 different types of dogs - each with different meat ground into the sausage mix.  It took about 5-10 minutes for me to get a single dog, as the fellow preparing it had to take his time making a gourmet presentation with "specialty" dressings and toppings.  With the time it took for me to get one dog (albeit very, very tasty, and almost worth the price and time I spent there), I could have gone to Mendy's downstairs and bought two kosher pups with time and money to spare.

Will this place survive?  Who knows.  But if I have an extra few dollars at the end of my week, I might be tempted to buy another Danish Dog - if I have the time to spare.

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