Saturday, May 28, 2016

Another night with WDJ

WDJ is a cisgender woman, and for as long as I've known her, I have only seen her without a wig only once.  She's an attractive woman who has lost a lot of weight (due to stomach surgery), and still works hard to look as good as possible.

During the day, I wasn't sure of whether GFJ would be coming down this weekend.  She has had some stomach issues herself, and has been unable to eat - even out of need.  Part of me wanted her to stay home, so that I could go out in Marian mode.  And part of me wanted her here, as I missed her. Unfortunately for her, she ended up driving herself to the ER after work, where they did some emergency hydration, fed her some strong antibiotics, did a CAT scan, and sent her on her way - after diagnosing her with diverticulitis.  OUCH!!!!

Although I would have gone up to be with her, I would have to return in the evening, because my A/C was being delivered in the morning.  So, in many ways I was glad when she reminded me of the A/C, and freed me of the responsibility to go there to be with her.  This gave me the chance to call WDJ, and see her one last time before she goes back "home".

If GFJ had been able to tell me earlier that she wasn't coming, I'd have been able to go to another women's meetup being held in my town. But to go to a meetup with a new group, especially in the town in which I live, I'd be a bit nervous - and I didn't need that today.  So I was very glad that WDJ was available, and had no problems with eating relatively late in the evening. We had a very nice chat, and the night ended too quickly.  Hopefully, she has a safe trip home.

On my way home, I had the chance to chat with GFJ, and she told me about her trip to the ER.  She mentioned that if her doctor thinks it worth doing, that the section of her intestine that keeps getting inflamed be removed.  What a pleasant thought.  I can only imagine the prep for that operation!  But this is nowhere near where she's at right now.  She is only trying to get rid of the pain, rehydrate herself, and simply start feeling more like "normal" again....

But I can't write much now.  The delivery people for the A/C are coming at 8:30 am, and I must be back in Mario mode for them - before spending the rest of the day in Marian mode.

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