Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Working Late....

At this time of year, I expect to see views like this on my ride home on Metro North.  Today, I ended up working late, because some work I was doing at the office was not up to my standards or to my boss's - simply because I was trying to catch up on lost time, so that we could present the document to the client this week. 

In one sense, it's not as bad as I'm making it sound.  And in another sense, it's worse - because I'm screwing up the details.  I've always known that I was a high level thinker, but I'm being challenged every day to grow in ways I've neglected for years.  Assuming that I survive, and that I can get this client's changes implemented without trouble, I'll feel much more comfortable in my ability to do the job.  Until then, I'll be walking on a tightrope without feeling that there is a net underneath me.

- - - - - -

Tonight, I missed this sight, as well as my chance to vote against the person of my choice, due to having taken a late train.  But I did have a nice chat with a woman who was taking the train to Croton - someone who I'd like to get to know more as a commuting companion, and nothing more.

One thing I have to watch out for is the temptation to perform outreach when it is not called for.  There is a part of me that wants to talk about being transgender.  And yet, I know that this is the topic which will cause many people to shy away from me - especially if I see them (or they see me) on the train regularly.

- - - - - -

It's important to find balance in one's life.  And I'm still looking for that balance.

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