Sunday, April 24, 2016

Where would you rather live?

I live in one of the highest taxed states in this country.  And yet, I don't find the taxes excessive for the services we can get here.  This is because I have a different attitude than most people, and treat my state as if it had one hyper expensive region (New York City and its suburbs) that has an excessively high cost of living, and one average expense region (Upstate NY) that is reasonably affordable.

- - - - - -

Recently, I had dinner with Vicki, and she told me about her potential places of retirement.  None of them were near New York.  In fact, one of her choices was Montana, with the idea that she and her husband could get a large plot of land - which could be used for hunting.  (I'll miss her dearly if she chooses a place outside the Northeast, but I can't order my friends to stay nearby, nor can I make them choose places that are GLBT friendly.

This got me to thinking about retirement, and I realize that it is virtually impossible for me to retire to San Francisco, now that it has been taken over by Silicon Valley yuppie exiles.  So, I've started to ask the question - where are the affordable places to live that are also GLBT friendly?  For the most part, the "Red States" are out - when their leaders actively court preachers who advocate killing GLBT's for defying "god's will", I see no way to feel safe living there.  What's left that's affordable?

- - - - - -

I'm still hoping that I can make it to the Pacific Northwest.  The heat and humidity of our Northeast USA summers will likely become more oppressive - and I can't stand the heat.  Places like Seattle and Portland have a high number of well educated people, and are likely to be GLBT friendly.  Additionally, cities with decent mass transportation, healthcare, and cultural opportunities are essential for a retired person to live a long and rewarding life in retirement.

This is only a meditation for now.  I can afford where I live in the NYC suburbs, and I can go about (without interference, for the most part) as Marian.  Do you have any ideas of other affordable places with good weather, where I can live as Marian 24x7 without problems?


  1. I have been contemplating the same thing. Iam currently stuck in a particularly backwards part of Northeast Texas. Julia

    1. Texas - It used to be a nice place before the religious assholes started ruining it for everyone else.... I want to stay as far away from them as possible for my safety's sake....