Tuesday, April 12, 2016

To shop, or not to shop - that is the question.

You might have noticed that I've written more short entries lately.  That's something I expected once I started the new job.  A big part of the reason is that I don't have that much time in my life to spend in Marian Mode due to the inflexibility of my commute.  There is no way that I will jeopardize my new job just to have more time in Marian Mode.  In the future, I might find out how to use time to my advantage. But now, I have to put in time as Mario, and limit my outings to those days where I have the time to change into Marian, and not worry how late I get back from the outing.

Today could have been one of those days I had some time in Marian Mode.  However, I decided to stay a few minutes late for appearances sake, and missed the train that would have gotten me home by 7:15 pm, and able to get to The Avenue in Newburgh by 8:45 pm.  This is just as well, because I had 2 loads of laundry to take care of, and that the roads were likely to become slippery when the temperature dropped later in the evening. Yes, I missed seeing DD, my favorite saleslady.  But I can see her some other day.  It's not as if anyone is going anywhere soon.  And I certainly didn't need to spend any more money on my female wardrobe, while I'm refreshing my male wardrobe for my trips into the office.

If I had gotten home at 6:30 pm or so, I might have made a different decision. But given how tired I feel, I can wait until Thursday to become my authentic self again.

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