Sunday, April 17, 2016

Quickie: Thoughts on Bathroom Bills

I don't have much time for today's entry, as I have to be out the door soon.  However, I had to make a statement about what's going on in the South lately - "Bathroom Bills".

- - - - - -

We are under attack.  The dullards from the South are an embarrassment to the country.  Several states, the latest being Mississippi, have enacted bills which are meant to keep us from going to public bathrooms.  (South Carolina is a noted exception so far.) The anti GLBT forces want to use us as victims - and it's time we stand up en-masse. 

It's not enough that we post memes of trans men and trans women going to the restrooms assigned to their birth genders.  But we must make a visible public stand as a group - and stage active protests where the state would be forced to arrest us.  Once done, we could use Federal anti discrimination statutes against the states.  But there is one problem - who can we get to finance the process?

This is where the famous and rich trans folk may be able to help us.  Let's petition a few and see if they can help finance our protests.  Yes, a person like Caitlyn Jenner may be useless, but others may be willing to help.  Who knows?  We might just be able to stop this quickly with the right help.

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