Saturday, April 30, 2016

Quickie: Dinner with BXM

Work was uneventful today.  I was able to make a good train home, and made a phone call to BXM to see if she was up to having dinner tonight.  She was....

- - - - - -

BXM is the type of person who always seems to have melodrama in her life.  And tonight was my night to listen to the latest in her melodrama - which involved health insurance problems, healthcare for her dad, with a dash of politics thrown in for good measure.

Why, you might ask, do I seem to attract people who are melodramatic?  I think it's because this T-Gal is a grandmotherly type at heart.  What do grandmothers do?  They listen to people (usually their grandchildren) and carefully dispense their voices of experience.  And in the case of BXM, she needed a woman to talk with, and I was that woman.

Contrast BXM with Lili.  BXM doesn't delegate her responsibilities to others, while Lili will try to get others to do any task she finds unpleasant or challenging.  Lili is used to living in her bubble.  For the past few weekends, I've been unable to visit Lili - but Lili acts as if I'm going to put my relationship with GFJ at risk just to be a short term companion for Lili.  (Given how little time GFJ and I can spend together these days, we need time for ourselves.) 

- - - - - -

I've left a personal ad (for me as Marian) up on OK Cupid - not because I'm looking to replace GFJ, but because I want to see who might be interested in a bi-gendered person.  Recently, a Lesbian took an interest in me based on the photo below.

Although she was not interested in me after learning I am Transgender, it was nice to know that some women would find me attractive.  Now, if only I could find a bisexual woman who could accept me in either presentation.  But if I did, would I leave GFJ?  Right now, I doubt it.  But until GFJ is in a position to make long term decisions about her life, I am not in a position to make an absolute one way commitment to her in this regard.  Yet, for now, things seem to be working well - and that's all I can ask not to look elsewhere for romance.

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