Friday, April 15, 2016

Quickie: Dinner with BXM

BXM and I have been trying to get together for a while, and it's been over a couple of months since we were last together.  Well, tonight was our chance to catch up on things....

- - - - - -

This morning, I left for work at the usual time - and had a totally uneventful day.  Although some of the software on my machine was misconfigured, I was able to get my work done for the last day that my boss was out on vacation.  Just before I went into a meeting at 3:00 pm, our technology expert came over to fix what was wrong with my machine.  So I left him in charge, while I went off to a meeting to discuss some work that was going to come up in the morning.

When the meeting broke up, it was 4:00 pm, and I was out the door, off to Northern Westchester and home.  Getting home, I found that my cleaning lady had done her thing, and it was again safe to take my makeup box, wig, and handbag out of the closet, making it possible for me to change into Marian mode for the evening.  I knew that BXM would be late for dinner, but that's the price I pay to see her - especially on a weeknight, when my Yonkers gaming venue is not available.

BXM and I went to a local diner, and chatted for a couple of hours. The topic of me being transgender came up, as well as the politics of the day.  She realized what I want to become with transition - a grandmotherly middle aged woman, getting together with the ladies in coffee klatches, mah jongg games, knitting circles, and generally participating in virtually every activity that a typical woman of my age would take part in.  Eventually, both of us got tired, and I knew that I had a 45 minute drive ahead of me. So it was off to my place, and then to sleep for the night.

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