Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Male and Female... Gender can be a strange thing.

Androgyny - something which can help a person flow between the worlds of masculine and feminine, or something that can prevent a person from being part of either world.  Today was a day where my knowledge of the male and female made for a very unusual day.

When I got up this morning, I knew that I was going to attend a group meeting at the transgender speech therapist's office - working on developing my feminine voice, while dressed as a male. What I didn't know was that Pat was going to call me at the office and ask for information needed to buy a wig, as she is losing her hair.

Shortly after I got in to work, my boss's boss called us in for a training session - and the A/V System didn't work correctly.  So we wasted the better part of an hour trying to get things working. Pat called twice while I was in this session, but I was lucky not to have the ringer on - vibrations were enough for me to check on the status of the call, then ignore it.  After everyone left, it was nice being able to chat with this lady, as we got to know each other better - and that's the key to developing better working relationships with people....  Once I returned to my desk, I called Pat.  And I discussed wig buying as if it were my cousin who needed one, and not myself in female mode.  Hopefully, no one took notice, as I'd hate for people to think I'm strange before they get to know me.

- - - - - -

I stayed late, and took the time to connect my iPad to the company's wi-fi , and was able to respond to one of my former coworkers.  She just got laid off from a major communications firm, and I figure that if I can help her - I will.  Hopefully, we can meet over coffee some day soon, and I can share with her the same things I shared with the lady from the most recent PMI meeting.

All too quickly, it was time for me to walk over to Broadway and go to the Transgender voice coaching session.  It was strange being there in my male identity, practicing the use of my female voice.  After the session, I took the uptown train with two trans women (one I know is post-op, as she told me this on our way to Grand Central), and I showed her pictures of me in Marian mode.

We separated at the Times Square shuttle, and went our own ways.  When I got to the main area of Grand Central, there was a photo shoot going on.

This lady and others were doing their thing, and showing of their bodies in the most feminine way possible that one can do with her clothes on - Dance!  Actually, I can't say they were dancing, as much as they were repeating balletic moves for the camera.  I only wonder where I will see these pictures when they are published....

- - - - - -

Although it was a very long day for me, it was a good one. And once I put this entry to bed, I'll do the same with myself.... 


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