Sunday, April 3, 2016

Lili, then Poker with the Ladies

If I could live today over, I'd have planned a completely different plan for the day.  No, I have no regrets regarding any decisions I made.  Instead, I'm talking with 20/20 hindsight about the day, and that none of the things I planned to do gave me the satisfaction I expected.

When I got up, it was not because an alarm woke me. Instead, 8:00 am came, and I woke up shortly afterward feeling refreshed.  (The phone's power was off, and couldn't trigger the usual alarm.)  I didn't get moving until the afternoon, and didn't really want to see Lili or her tenant for lunch. But I made the commitment, and told them I'd meet them around 3:00 pm at a diner near them.

What did I do before going to the diner?  Well, it's been way too long since I dropped in at the Avenue in Newburgh - so I dropped in to say hello.  One of the ladies greeted me like it was old home week, but we didn't have the chance to chat because the store was busy.  In fact, it was busier than I remember the store being during Xmas season.  Hopefully, this is good news for the staff there. Although there were things at the store (including shoes in my size) that I wanted to look at, I realized that I'd better high tail it to the diner to meet up with Lili.  Yes, I ate too much, and ate the wrong kind of stuff. But I enjoyed what I ate, and that was what was important. 

I had one problem that forced me to rush home after the late lunch/early dinner.  For those unfamiliar with biological males who wear female clothing, in order to present a female looking "front", a male has to "tuck" to get that flat front.  However, many of us transgenders wear multiple sets of control undergarments to keep their equipment in place. Since I was wearing one undergarment under my tights and one over them, the outermost undergarment was sliding and causing me problems.  So while I was rearranging my undergarments prior to my trip to poker night, Lili called and wanted to find out if anything was wrong.  Since Lili wouldn't understand that I really wasn't in the mood to see her today, I said nothing, and blamed it on my lack of sleep during the week. (And this could be legitimate, as a lack of sleep does affect one's moods.)

Eventually, I made it down to poker night, and none of the women (save the hostess) knew how to play poker.  It was awkward waiting for these women to pick up on the rules of the game.  But the hostess was making things worse by teaching them forms of the game not played at casinos.  If she were to teach 5 Card Stud without wild cards, the ladies would have picked up on the game quickly.  But once you play any of the variants with wild cards, anyone will get confused.  And they did.

On the whole, it was a nice night with the ladies.  But if I had to do it again, I'd have gone to another meetup with another women's group which was meeting to raise money for a charity.  Hopefully, I'll have a better time the next time I have a Saturday away from GFJ....

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