Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Hard decisions about something light....

Lately, this dress has been calling my name.  No, I don't intend to wear it as a dress, as much as I intend to wear it as a long tunic coupled with a pair of leggings.The only problem is that I have no idea of how it would look on my body until it arrives in the mail, and I'll hate returning it if I have to do so.

After a long period of unemployment, I've become much more careful about the items I'm buying for  my female wardrobe.  For example, there was one dress that looked good on the model, but looked terrible on me.  So this means that I wasted $50 that I could have spent on things that would look good on me.

As you can guess, I enjoy shopping for female clothing - especially dresses.  If I could, I'd be spending all my time in them, as they are much more comfortable than wearing trousers. Alas, having to spend time as Mario to earn a living makes it impossible to live my life the way I'd like. Eventually, I will be able to retire, and I will be able to get back to the life I started living during my forced hiatus from the work force.

Until that day, I'll take my time as Marian as it comes. And I hope I'll have someone with me for the next time of my life....


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  1. Pretty dress...will work well as a tunic. Here's hoping that you like the way it looks!