Friday, April 29, 2016

Game night - and, as usual, I lost....

I'll start with a quick blurb about work - I got the paperwork submitted for the project I'm assigned to at the office, and now, it's on to a quick conference call with the client.  So I'm temporarily idle until the client gets back in touch with me and when another project's deliverables is made available to me to work with.

The other day, my boss hurt his foot, and had to spend half the day at his podiatrist to determine how best to treat his problem.  When he returned, there was a "boot" on his foot - and he told me that the foot will need a minimum of two weeks to heal before the podiatrist can determine what to do next.  Since my boss is a good man, and a more mature person than I was at his age, I'm wishing him a speedy recovery.

Although I made it out of the office a little late, I was barely able to make the 4:47 pm train out of Grand Central - and yet left the apartment late for my weekly game play in Yonkers.  (I wasted 30+ minutes looking for some rubbing alcohol I keep in the medicine chest for purposes of cleaning my forehead skin before doing my preparation to go out as Marian. I'll have to complain to my cleaning lady about this next time I get the chance.)  I was lucky - I got there in time to play a game of "Monikers" - and lost as usual.  But it was fun.

Strangely enough, the Whine and Diners got together to see "Greek Wedding 2".  If I hadn't already seen that movie with GFJ, I'd have skipped game night to be with the Whine and Dine crew - for the first time in over a month.  I don't count on them meeting anymore.  The lady who organizes that meetup is too busy to schedule anything in advance, and I enjoy the game group enough not to bail on them, except in cases where I know I will have a good time.

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