Thursday, April 14, 2016


Courtesy on the NYC Subway - something which was in short supply since the first trains ran many years ago.

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It's been roughly 6 weeks since I began commuting to Lower Manhattan.  The commute is exactly what I expected - 2 hours underground, book-ended with 2 hours above ground, with 8 hours in between dedicated to work.  And, in many ways, the commute is worse than before, due to the extra distance of the commute and the overcrowding at key points of the trip.

Now that construction at Grand Central is well underway for LIRR East Side Access, we've lost half of a staircase that led to the Times Square shuttle from the Metro North side of the complex. This causes long lines at certain times of the morning, as people coming from Track 4 interfere with the downward flow of people on the now narrow staircase.  Of course, things often get interesting at Times Square, as there is often some musical entertainment playing in the area where people are making their connections between the Shuttle, the Broadway line, and the 7th Avenue line.  Some of the musicians are good, and others are not worth the price "charged" for admission. But Times Square often becomes the highlight of my commute.

Normally, the ride along 7th Avenue is swift and uneventful.  However, once one is below Chambers Street, things get tight.  There is little room on the platforms, as the narrow streets limit both rail traffic capacity and platform capacity. So I dread the thought of getting caught underground in the Summer, when the inevitable delays slow down my commute and make it very uncomfortable.

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Imagine if I had applied for this job, and got it while en-femme.  There would be 3-5 months out of each year that the commute would be unbearable for me.  I would have gladly taken a job earning half my present salary, if I had been able to work en-femme and work within a 30 minute ride by car.  Alas, this was not to be.  At least I know how to deal with the insanity underground - unlike the tourists who block the doors of the subway cars at Times Square, slowing things down for everyone and causing the delays I hate so much....

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