Friday, April 22, 2016

A slow ride up the river....

Today was an uneventful work day, save that I left the office a little bit late.  If I had known that my train would also be running late due to a stuck train on the tracks (from which our train had to run "local" to bring that train's people to their destination stations), I would have stayed a little late and taken a slow ride to Grand Central.

- - - - - -

Discussing work would be a big bore.  However, I did figure out how to resolve a problem I've had switching over a prescription from my old pharmacy to my new mail order pharmacy.  It seems that I had to manually open the account with the mail order pharmacy, than to have my doctor's electronic transmission open things up.  (Yes, this was confusion on my part.  But what made it worse was that my doctor's office didn't notice anything wrong. Yet, I can't blame the doctor's office - they tried to do the right thing, and I misunderstood the process....)  Well, I'm hoping that my pills come in before the old ones run out.  And I'll try to stretch out what supply I have until my next visit with the doctor.

- - - - - - 

During the day, I received an interesting text.  DCD had gotten himself into some minor trouble with his "House Pest".  This woman had worn out her welcome weeks ago, and DCD was too chickenshit to kick her out of his place.  Well, he got arrested for disorderly conduct (no juicy details to share), and later, she was removed from his house under police escort.  Of course, I could say: "I told you so" - but that would be rubbing salt in his wounds.  I hope this is the last time he lets his pecker do the thinking for him.

And on that line of thought, I have to talk about Lili - as she called shortly after my text message exchanges with DCD.  Lili keeps looking for "permission" to take on her tenant as a romantic interest, and wanted me to give it to her.  (Both GFJ and I think that Lili dating this fellow would be a big mistake for many reasons.)  And I refused to do so, saying that she needs good friends more than she needs lovers.  Until she realizes that what she has is an addiction to romance, she will continue to sleep with the wrong men - and cause me grief..... 

- - - - - -

On the way home, I saw that I was a little late for my return train, but found that I had 2 minutes to make it on to the train from the time I reached Grand Central. By the time I got on the train, there were hardly any seats.  And I should have known things were likely to go wrong when the train was delayed in leaving Grand Central.

Until we got near Dobbs Ferry, the ride up the river was uneventful.  One could have gotten many a picturesque photo just by pointing one's camera out the window and taking random shots.  As for me, I played a few rounds of Candy Crush Saga (I had 6 hours of unlimited lives) to kill time until I got home.  By the time we reached Irvington, the train was proceeding at a snail's pace - there was a "dead" train on the tracks, and someone back at Metro North headquarters was making a decision which train would pick up these stranded passengers and bring them to stations between Tarrytown and Croton.  Ours was that train, but it was on the wrong track.  We were delayed a couple of times while we inched into the stations, so that departing passengers could use the "bridge" over a temporarily "dead" track to reach the station platform.  By the time we made it to my station, we were 35 minutes late - and I could have taken a later train to get home at the same time.

- - - - - -

As a result of the commuting delay, I lost a lot of time I could have used to switch into Marian Mode before going to game night.  As it stood, I was late for the first game (not much of a loss), and on time for the next game (which I lost).  Like most weeks, I had a good time with the group, and it provided me with my one regular chance to socialize as Marian during the week.



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