Thursday, March 10, 2016

There are some advantages to working in Lower Manhattan

Food Carts - the purveyors of some of the best meals in NYC.  And today, four of us at the office went to the nearby food carts in Hanover Square....

- - - - - -

Over the past week and a half, I've found that I'm getting in a bit more walking now that I have to walk from my car to the train station, walk from the train platform at Grand Central to the Subway, walk from one Subway platform to another, and then walk from the Subway station to my office - and do the same in reverse when I go home.  According to the movement tracker on my cell phone, I'm getting in an hour of walking every day (as Mario), compared with (maybe) 10 minutes per day when I was out and about (as Marian) when I was unemployed.  And lately, I've also been walking around Lower Manhattan with my new coworker, and finding good places to eat - one of which is a food cart from which my boss likes to do a grab and go for a good Vietnamese sandwich.

As much as I miss spending my days as Marian (and plan to do so when I retire), I feel that I am slowly getting into better shape - except when I have to climb stairs to get out of the subway.  Hopefully, by the time my scheduled cruise with Lili comes around in late Autumn, this daily walking will have helped me lose enough weight to make a new swimsuit look good on me for the cruise.

- - - - - -

It feels good to see my bank account balance creeping up again. This past weekend (as I write this), the end-of month paycheck came in from my new employer, and then my pension check came in the next day. Even with half a paycheck, what I got from the new employer was enough to make it possible to break even for the month.  And with two full paychecks scheduled for March, I'll be able to save up for things again - such as two sets of breast forms (regular and swim) that I'll be able to use later in the year.

But first, I have to keep walking.  If all goes right, I'll be buying a new swimsuit for the cruise as well....

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  1. Hanover Square is a great place and with the Seaport nearby, along with John Street, etc. it is a great place to work...with the exception of the time and effort it takes to get down there.
    When I worked in midtown and commuted by train I did a lot of and from the train station, to and from Penn and then Grand Central after we moved to Westchester. After I moved my office to White Plains and did all of my commuting by car I added about 30-40 lbs to the frame. Stuck on the high amount so count your blessings for the walking that is now part of your daily grind.