Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The hustle and bustle of NYC

Warm weather is coming very quickly to NYC. And with that, women are starting to wear skirts and dresses.  No, they never did stop completely. But more women seem to be wearing them - especially, younger ladies.

What is so special about a dress or a skirt?  I think they are the types of garments that exude femininity, and shout "WOMAN" when they are worn.  Cisgender women may not always realize this when they wear these garments, but they are making positive statements about themselves and their feminine nature.

Lately, several of the women in my office have chosen to wear these garments to work - in a place which people often where blue jeans, khakis, and chinos.  They are dressing up a little in a place where dressing down is allowed.  The women who have been doing so are American (we have Indian contractors working for us - and I'm excluding them for the sake of this discussion), and are reasonably good looking.  If I were a 30 year old male, and met them outside of the workplace, I'd consider asking them out for dinner.  But I'm old enough to be their mother, and this allows me to look at them from a very different perspective - sexual signaling.

I am a little envious of these women - they have the bulk of their lives ahead of them, and they revel in their femininity.  It is a gift that I know they appreciate - as cisgender males appreciate their masculinity. And I will have the pleasure of seeing more and more ladies on the NYC streets going about their day to day activities while they bask in the glow of being female.

Yes, it's one of the benefits of working in the big city.  And I intend to enjoy it for what it is -  all a part of being human....


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  1. Working in a large office and often getting out and about in the NYC metro area I share your views on the pleasures and wonders of the current dressing options taken by women. They can look dressed up and dressed down at the same time wearing a skirt or dress and the skirt and dress does affirm their feminine nature. I also share your envy of their age and their size. Nevertheless us older folks can appreciate that youth is so often wasted on the young.