Monday, March 7, 2016

The end of a weekend

WDS has always been a good friend.  I first met him in 1973, and we've been friends ever since, with a minor gap due to a bad marriage for him.  Today, I started to set up print services on the iPad he gave me for (as he puts it) my "unbirthday", and it took much more time than expected, and led to me having to buy new ink for my ink jet printer - as the black ink nozzles weren't working right.

Of course, this took some time away from GFJ, but she didn't mind that much (from what I can tell), as she was able to take a short and needed nap.  (She hasn't been able to use her "elephant" since she had a growth on her nose removed, and has been suffering with bad sleep since then.)  By the time we made it outside, it was starting to get dark - so we made it to the diner to sate our growling stomachs.

After dinner, we went to BJ's, where I bought some new ink cartridges (which I hope solves the problem), and spent way too much money. And then it was off to the train station, so that I could pick up my March monthly pass.  (I could have also picked up an unlimited Metrocard as well, but I intend to refresh and use up the money I have on my current card before it expires in April.)

As you can guess, this was a very quiet day for me.  Nothing related to me being transgender occurred, but if Marian had been able to go out, she'd have been in an airy dress to catch a comfortable breeze on this mild February day.

BTW - Lili is now away on a 7 day cruise.  It'll be nice to see her when she returns....

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