Thursday, March 17, 2016

Taxes - a big headache, in more ways than one.

Today, I went to my accountant after work, so that I could get my taxes done.  I never realized that I had forgotten several things in regard to my charitable donations that could cause some eyebrows to be raised....

Over the past few years, I have accumulated a full closet of female clothes.  And I decided to give away clothing that I no longer use, and no longer want to keep.  One problem - My accountant read the receipts I received from the Salvation Army.  I'm glad that I could use the excuse of having a girlfriend to explain a receipt that listed 4 dresses and 20 sets of sheets.  Of course, she'll be doing a lot of thinking because of all the paperwork I gave her. But my deductions will all be legitimate - and that's what counts.

However, the process of visiting my accountant kills an entire evening.  Not only do we chat a lot (mostly her talking), but she spends a lot of time taking care of things while we chat.  Sooner or later, I'll likely call Fran and see what she charges to do taxes. At least Fran is very comfortable with GLBT issues, as she is transgender herself.

Until then, I'll bring my taxes to my old family friend.  But I'll never tell her that I'm transgender, knowing her loyalty to her political tribe....


  1. I noted the shot you took at your accountant's politics but if you support Cruz or Trump your taxes will decrease. If you go for Cruz you will not need an accountant since the return will be at a fixed rate on one form.
    Of course if you go for Sanders he will try to keep Federal income taxes under 90% but the K street special interests that support the Democrats will have a field day with their exceptions. Hillary is a strong believer in elitist rule and the redistribution of wealth, unless if is from her wealthy supporters. It is nice that you have the freedom and liberty to support lefties like Hillary and Bernie who have a platform to remove your freedom and liberty along with your taxes and income.

  2. Pat -

    Cruz claims he'll abolish the IRS. With what will he replace it? Without an adequate enforcement mechanism, who'd bother to pay taxes. Trump is not much better - as every word that comes out of his mouth is a lie - including "And" and "The".

    You'll notice that I hate Hillary, but would vote for her over 95% of the GOP candidates of the past 20 years. But Bernie would be a good caretaker - because the GOP congress would not let him get his way on any issue. So we'll have the same stalemate we've had for years, with neither party being able to impose its will on the other. That's much better than an all GOP or Democrat government.....


  3. There are benefits to a split government so I am not disagreeing with you on that point but over the past 8 years so much power has been subsumed by the executive that we need to find a way back to a constitutional split