Thursday, March 3, 2016

Quickie: This was one of the times I was glad to be Mario

One thing I've noticed since I started work is that the office is way too warm.  It may be my weight helping to keep me warm, but I think it is the exposure to the sun and the building's HVAC system that helps keep the office toasty. So, even with this being winter, I'm glad that Mario is at the office with his bald head, and Marian is on the shelf (or, in the closet - so to speak).

With the weather approaching 60 degrees, combined with 100% humidity, I am very uncomfortable.  So when we walked over to the bar to have some after dinner drinks with one of the big cheeses, I was hoping to be comfortable.  I was not.  There was no air circulating in the space (not shown here), and I couldn't wait to get out and go home....

Now, my original plans had me going to Union Square and seeing "The Maltese Falcon" on the big screen.  But with this weather, and severe gusts, I figured that I'd play it safe and get home as soon as possible - albeit, in a leisurely way.  So I used the free Downtown Alliance bus (that runs in front of the Seaport pictured above) to take me to South Ferry, where I could catch the 7th Avenue Local uptown. (Note: I used to work at one end of the bus's route.  Now I work on the other end of the route.)  While on the bus, a lady mentioned that there was a problem in Staten Island, and that the ferry terminal was closed.  Thankfully, I no longer see GFL, and this was not my concern any more.  But I did have a commuting concern - the 7th Avenue Express trains were running on local tracks, and I had to deal with more crowds than usual on my way home late....

Thankfully, I got home safe (after a quick stop at Walmart), chatted with GFJ, and started preparing for bed before midnight.  Of course, I'll have to get used to going to sleep a bit earlier, so that I can have more time on the Elephant.  I need that good night's sleep!!!!

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