Friday, March 4, 2016

Quickie: Game Night, and morning comes too early.

This was the first night playing games since I started work - and we played two games, neither of which I won.  By the time I left, I was dragging tail - and I was lucky to get home awake.

But first....

I seem to have gotten into a routine of waking up at 5:45 am, and getting out the door by 6:50 am, to make a 7:10 am train. This allows me to get to the office by 8:50 am - for a 2 hour commute.  AARGH!!!!   Since they took the chance on hiring me, I want to make sure that they can amortize their investment in me before I consider leaving.  But this will come at a high price, one I knew I'd have to pay if I took the job.

Today was another day spent in the reading of manuals to learn the details needed to do my job.  There is so much to learn, and I expect that the pressure will be on as soon as the other Project Manager comes on board.  So I'm enjoying the "good life" while I can, and I'm hoping that I can hang on while developing my new skill set.

Since today was a Thursday, I reminded my boss that I was leaving early today - and it was almost a pleasure to take an undercrowded subway for the ride home.  (Leaving the office before 4:30 pm allows me to get a seat on the subway - something I need, if I'm going to be on a train for 45 minutes.)  But even with leaving early, it doesn't guarantee that I'll get home on time. It only gives me a chance to have a comfortable commute.

When I got home, I found the iPad that my friend WDS gave me.  I'm not the type to give any of my friends something as expensive as this gift.  But I think that this is WDS 's way of showing that he really appreciates me being his friend over the years.  Because of the iPad and other stuff, I didn't make it to game night until 8:30 pm. And by the time 10:30 pm arrived, I could have easily gone to bed if I had one nearby.

So I drove home and talked to DCD until I reached my driveway.  Unfortunately, I missed GFJ - and she'll be looking for a key under my floormat so she can get into my apartment.  Yes, the place will be a mess when she arrives, but.....

More news when I'm more awake....

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