Wednesday, March 9, 2016

I wish I could be more open about being TG

I've lunched with my new coworker twice, and I only wish I could tell her how I have a certain understanding of things.  Unfortunately, one does not reveal too much about one's self when one needs to keep a TG persona from being known at the office.

Why do I mention this?

Well, one of the things many of us TG's deal with is the question: "Who can we trust?"  This is very important, as eventually, we must out ourselves to the world to live as our authentic selves.

Yet, I have to ask the question: "How authentic can we afford to be in a world that would often harm us because of our very nature?  Each of us has to answer that question for ourselves. Yet, the answer comes with risk. Today, we have politicians who'd turn this country into a theocracy. Can we afford that?  Absolutely not! 

Right now, I have to hide my real self, so that I can find and continue to work.  In an ideal world, this would not be needed. But as long as people consider blowhards like Donald Trump, Chris Christie, Ted Cruz and others viable candidates for the presidency, we are at risk. 

A while back, Muslim extremists killed people at the French humor magazine "Charlie Hebdo." The humorists at the magazine understood that the way to keep religious zealots under control is to poke fun at them, and to make sure that they get no respect for their dysfunctional "utopias". We must do the same.  All TG's should try to find the most viral pieces of humor and use them to defang the religious right.  Humor is our best weapon - and it is a peaceful one.

Hopefully, we will win the social war that is going on now.  But until that war is won, we must fight our enemies by making them look bad among their peers.  Only then, will they become embarrassed, and go back into the shadows from where they came....


  1. We all know some people that shun you once they know that you are TG.It is always best to surround yourself with good people that "get it" and the desire to share with "risky others" will be diminished. It takes a thick skin to be comfortable in it..