Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Broadway and the Bard

Yesterday, GFJ and I went to see the last performance of "Broadway and the Bard" as part of NYC Off Broadway's 20@20 theater special.  The play was not what I expected, and yet it was fitting for an actor who was classically trained to play Shakespeare and who cut his teeth on Broadway musicals.

- - - - - -

But first....

My dad was recently diagnosed as having a small tumor in his bladder.  The doctor said it was operable, and that my dad should be OK once it is removed.  Considering that my late wife died of cancer, I have my concerns.  So I decided to drive to Long Island to see him -  just in case the worst happens between bow and the time of his scheduled procedure.  Of course, this meant that I had to tell GFJ to start her drive to my place after I was on my way home.

GFJ, on her end, had to work on Saturday morning.  She also had to do some chores around her place, and only then get on the road to my place.  There was a wrinkle - she was totally exhausted, and took a nap.  This resulted in her missing my call, and not getting on the road until 9:00 pm.  Yes, I was upset - but I wasn't going to say anything, because I knew I'd say it wrong.  By the time she finally made it to my place, I had a chance to do my laundry, but I was famished.  So after we brought her stuff into my apartment, we went off to the local diner to have a late night dinner.

- - - - - -

Sunday morning, we made sure to get up earlier than usual, and drove to the city to see the play.  There was no way I was going to say "let's take the train in", when we'd have to pony up another $25.00 for a ticket, when I could easily find parking by a subway station. We ended up cutting it close due to a train being taken out of service in front of us. But we made it to the theater on time, and were able to get good tickets to the play.

The play, "Broadway and the Bard", was very different from what I expected - yet it was very entertaining.  Len Cariou had an idea where he'd pick some of his favorite Shakespearean quotes and pair them with appropriate music.  And he did an excellent job - as if he found the perfect wine to pair with a perfect meal.  Too bad that this was the last performance - I would have loved to recommend it to my readers in the NYC area.. 

After the play, we walked back to the Port Authority Bus Terminal, where the audio-kinetic sculpture, "42nd Street Ballroom" was installed. 

I'm pretty sure that GFJ found it mildly interesting, as I'm pretty sure that she had never seen (or heard) anything like this before.  And then it was off to the 7th avenue line for a trip to one of my favorite Chinese restaurants....

When we reached the restaurant, we were seated next to two ladies.  They asked me for advice on the food there, and I suggested some interesting, but more "mainstream" Szechwan dishes than I might try on my own. (I wanted to talk more, but I didn't want to make GFJ uncomfortable.)  A little bit later, we all ended up talking, and I started to chat about my cruise experiences.  But GFJ cued me into NOT revealing Marian to ladies who were seeing me as Mario.  So I dropped the topic before we got to the point of no return, and the four of us got into a more traditional set of topics. 

Based on what these ladies were saying, I have a feeling that they lived together.  Do they "swing for the other team?"  Who knows, and who cares?  They were a pair of pleasant conversationalists.  But off to the side, an older lady was seated.  This woman had a British accent, but talked with a deep voice - as if she was transgender.  Was she?  I'll never know. But it made for an interesting comment as GFJ and I made it through the subway to make the connections that would bring us to my car in the Bronx.

As usual, the subway was a cacophony of noise, from the Hare Krishnas above to the paint can drummer below.

Even the train going to the Bronx had a vendor or two hawking food and candy, so the assault on our senses was reasonably constant until we got off the train.  Luckily, we were both too tired to say much on the way home - exhaustion finally getting the better of us after a day in the city.

- - - - - -

Today, I had to go to work.  So I let GFJ stay asleep and leave when she wanted.  I got in much more walking than usual, as I accompanied my boss for lunch, and later, for coffee. And he told the two of us new hires something that made me feel good.  We were not selected for our technical abilities, but for our personality traits.  Given that there is so much to learn, in order to do the job well, he needed to find people who had a desire to learn, instead of having knowledge spoon fed to them. So I may have just found the right home for me - albeit in the wrong neighborhood....


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