Sunday, March 27, 2016

A night with Jeffrey T. Spaulding

Captain Jeffrey T. Spaulding - one of Groucho Marx's best roles.  From the play "Animal Crackers", comes the theme "Hooray for Captain Spaulding" which he used as his theme song for almost 50 years.  And I think this is a fitting opening for an entry that discusses a trip to the Ridgefield Playhouse to see "An Evening with Groucho".

GFJ has been feeling ill and decided to stay home, rather than infect me with what she has. Of course, this meant that I had an extra ticket for this evening's performance - and Vicki was willing to go with me.  One problem - I couldn't just pick up the ticket while presenting as Marian.  Mario had to visit the ticket office, as this would prevent any hiccups that could arise if Marian were to try to pick up the tickets and had to reveal herself as Mario.  (Note: It's often easier to talk about myself in the third person, as it's easier to keep track of my two persona that way. This is one of those times.) It was a good thing that I made the drive over to Ridgefield.  Not only did I find out where the playhouse was (not where I expected), but I also needed Mario's ID to pick up the tickets....

It was then time to go back home to change into Marian - and pick up Vicki on the return trip. This was the first time her husband had ever seen me as Marian, and I was very uncomfortable with that.  He buys the "conservative" party line, hook, line, and sinker - especially when it comes to the GLBT population.  But Vicki says that he will never act on those beliefs, as he is a good person at heart.

We got to Ridgefield way too early, so we hunted for a place where we could find a bite to eat. And we found a Thai place near the second home of one of my neighbors. The place was good enough that Vicki and I will try to remember it when we are in the neighborhood again.  Additionally, we got out of the place, after spending less than $40 on dinner for the two of us.

So we made it to the Playhouse with lots of time to spare - even though the posted opening time was 7:00 pm.  (We found out that the performance started at 7:30, and ended up standing around killing time.)  While waiting, Vicki took up a conversation with an older couple - and she accidentally slipped, using the wrong pronoun to refer to me.  I made it easier for her, acknowledging that I was Transgender with this couple - and the conversation continued as if nothing had happened.

A few minutes later, the performance started, and one could easily tell that Frank Ferrante  had a certain love and reverence for Groucho and his life work.  So it was a pleasure for both of us to see this man play Groucho, and to see someone remind us of why Groucho was one of America's treasures. After the performance, we took the long way home, and I got the chance to talk to Vicki about many things.  I'll leave most of what we discussed private for now, but in many ways she is the sister I never had - and I'm grateful to have her as a friend.

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