Sunday, February 14, 2016

Quickie: Kelly and the GLBT Center

Kelly is a short woman, but not so when it comes to things coming out of her mouth.  This morning, I received a phone call from her, telling me that she was told by the GLBT Center that she could be doing something better with her life.  When I played the tape of her message, GFJ said - "I never before have heard of this - someone being fired from a volunteer position!"  And she was right - Kelly was being dismissed!

In prior posts, I've noted that Kelly is 30, going on 20.  Even after her 31st birthday, Kelly has no direction in her life, and few salable skills that she can use to put a roof over her head.  In a way, the GLBT Center was doing her a "solid" by pushing her out.  By not giving Kelly the one part time job which was once available, the GLBT center freed itself up to giving that job to someone who would use it as a stepping stone, as well as giving a hint to Kelly that it was time to move on.

The message on my phone only meant one thing - Kelly needed to vent.  And I wasn't in a position to listen to Kelly, as I had GFJ over for her (GFJ's) birthday weekend. Do I think that Fran may have had something to do with this? Maybe. Even Fran should have an idea that Kelly needs to grow up and find meaningful work. Either way, I don't want to spend of my valuable Marian time hearing Kelly out, especially when I have GFJ over and I'm spending a weekend as Mario....

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