Wednesday, February 17, 2016

One of my last days to do almost nothing

Garfield the Cat.  A mouser who prefers to catch Lasagna than mice - and for good reason!  In my case, I preferred to rest than make an active day about it....

- - - - - -

Lest anyone think that I was totally lazy, I made sure that my place was clean enough to get some value out of the cleaning lady's services when she came here. And I was more than glad to give her the good news that I would likely be starting work soon - so she should expect me to give her the word to come back on an alternating week schedule. When the cleaning lady left, I took care of a few little things.  And then I was startled by my apartment's super fixing my screen door, placing it back on the track.  It was nice to see him again, especially since I will be seeing him very rarely in the near future after I start work. 

Later on, I decided to cook something from what I had in the freezer.  Something didn't look right about the shrimp I started to thaw. So I looked at the package and realized that I should take the time to toss much of what was in the freezer, as this package had expired years ago.  It's amazing what tends to accumulate in the freezer if one doesn't do a periodic inventory once in a while.

Next on my list was ordering a couple of new shirts for the new job.  Although I didn't place the order, I did find some shirts that I could use - and will likely place the order within the next few hours.  However, I missed the opportunity to take care of something I need to do - have a picture taken, so that I can send my photo to the new firm for my ID card.  (Even though this is a moderately large firm, my site has no facilities to take care of ID photos.) I wonder what else will be asked of me before I start.  Thinking of the new firm and my commute, I have to start the process of getting a parking permit for my local lot.  This shouldn't be much of a problem.  But it is another one of those annoyances to take care of before month end.   

- - - - - -

And now to look for my lasagna.... 


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