Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Mario had to go clothes shopping for a change

Given how much money I've spent on clothing for my female closet, it was time that I spent some money for my male closet - especially when it looks like I'll get the offer and be working in Lower Manhattan as Mario.

- - - - - -

Over the past couple of days, I have made a discreet mention of a verbal job offer (made to me) to some of my friends and acquaintances. As much as they are all saying "Congratulations", there is a part of me that knows not to count on anything until the paper offer is formally presented to me.

One of my references noted the following in her response (in red) to the content of one of my emails (in violet):

No celebration until everything is finalized.  I want confirmation that I can take care of several things:

1. Time (paid/unpaid) to take a November/December cruise.
2. Flexibility in hours, so that on Thursdays I can take care of certain social needs.
    (I'd work longer on other days).
3. My doctor monitors blood pressure, etc. on a bi-monthly schedule - I need to continue
    that monitoring in an agreed on schedule.
4. Start date of 2/22, as I have both Doctor and Dentist appointments already scheduled.....

Those are all totally reasonable requests, in my opinion. I’m sorry you don’t feel like you can fully transition to Marian.  I hope that time is not too far off for you.

This woman accepted me as Marian, knowing that I am still legally Mario, and had to look for work in my chosen field as Mario.  I hope to continue working with her after I start work (assuming all goes as expected).

- - - - - -

Today, I saw my former boss from the Bank I used to work for. We had a good lunch, and he was very glad that I found work.  For all practical purposes, he is retired. But he said that if a consulting position opens up, he'd be glad to fill it.  And if one opens up, I'd be glad to help him get it - as long as neither of us report to each other.

After lunch, it was time to shop for Mario. I ended up buying clothes in my male size in two different store outlets, one in New York, and the other 20 miles away in New Jersey. (When you're a Plus / Big & Tall sized person, one has to know where one can quickly get some clothes off the rack.) This put a big dent on my credit cards!

By the time I returned home, I had a choice: Go to a women's meetup, and put off laundry until the weekend. Or, stay home, and do laundry.  Since it would have taken me about an hour to get into Marian mode, I'd have been late when I arrived at the meetup venue. So, I sadly made the decision to stay in Mario mode and do laundry.  What a depressing end to a day!

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