Friday, February 5, 2016

I seem to be on a winning streak!

Yes, it was game night, and I was on the winning side for both games I played.  But let me start at the beginning for a change....

When I got up this morning, I was under the assumption that my cleaning lady would be coming today, instead of 2 weeks from now as would be on a monthly schedule.  (She had left a written message that she'd be here in 2 weeks instead of 4, and I didn't mind that in light of recent developments.)  So I took care of cleaning up much of the mess in my apartment, putting my female accouterments safely in the closet before her expected arrival.

Once done cleaning up before my cleaning lady cleaned up (strange, but many people are this way when it comes to visits from their cleaning ladies), I got showered and dressed (en-femme, of course), then drove to the GLBT center.  It was nice to tell them that I have a verbal job offer, and I made sure that the Director of programs and services knew that I was still interested in meeting with one of his contacts to discuss how I could find work (via the GLBT network) as Marian, and not have to live as Mario during the work day.

When I finally got to work on cleaning up their press list, I knew that I had about an hour's worth of work left before I could hand this list off to be validated. And then Kelly came in. AARGH!  She needed to talk, and didn't notice or care that others didn't want to hear her jabber on. Kelly wanted, no, needed, to show me a meetup meeting invite that the censors killed.  Both the Executive Director and I noted two possibilities for the censorship: (1) The use of the phrase "Transgender Entertainers" in the Meetup group title (which could have been interpreted as an ad for sexual services, and (2) the phrase "Tryout" (which could have been interpreted as an advertisement for a commercial venture, and not an invitation to a social group activity. Kelly kept at it, and I used the director's smoking break as an opportunity to break away and chat with her before Kelly got ready to leave.Kelly assumed that I'd drive her into White Plains - which I eventually did.  However, I had a chance to talk with the Executive Director of the center, and she noted - "The Apple doesn't fall far from the Tree."  Of course, this was a muted jab at Fran, but not in a nasty way - as both Fran and daughter Kelly are not good at picking up subtle social nuances.  

After leaving the GLBT center, I moseyed to Yonkers, ate, and then went to The Avenue to see if there was anything interesting on sale.  Lo and behold, I found some shoes I wanted - and in my size at the right price - $20!  "Sold American!" as they used to say in Tobacco ads. I still may go back there tomorrow for a pair of ballet flats that I can wear while wearing a nice pair of leggings.

Now that I killed enough time taking care of little things, it was off to game night - where I won two games: Tumult Royale (US English version.The text in the picture above, I believe is in either German or Dutch.) and Room 25.  It was also nice to see the gang again, and to tell them of my good fortune.

Eventually, I made it home and found that all my little requests were accepted - I'll have no excuse NOT to take the job.  It'll be nice to get back in the saddle again, and I'll have to get over being a little scared that I can't do the job expected of me.  If I fail, I'll have had several months of good pay, and adding to savings.  If I succeed, I'll be able to choose when I retire - something that the bank may have temporarily have taken away, but I can't hold against the institution....   (Now, if that fellow from the GLBT center hooks me into the right places, I may have one unexpected move I can choose to make, instead of being forced to make....)


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