Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Happy New Year - Again!

Yes, It's Lunar New Year again, and I celebrated it with the women of one of my women's meetup groups. 

- - - - - -

But first....

GFJ stayed overnight, and we didn't even bother getting out of bed until 1:00 pm.  This meant we were going to have a late meal to start off our day.  When I checked on my status on the wait list for the Chinese New Year meetup, I was surprised to find that I finally made it on to the "Attending" list.  When I told GFJ of this, she said - "Go.  Marian needs a night out with the gals, and I need to go swimming."  So this is exactly what I did!

When GFJ left, I took my shower and transformed myself into Marian - and left for dinner at Central Seafood.  Although I got there a few minutes late, it didn't matter.  WPB was there with 7 other women, as there were 3 no-shows.  We could have ordered the 10 person Chinese Gourmet New Year's Special.  Instead, we ordered meals for ourselves, and had our own bills.  This was nice - no arguing about one's share of the bill.

As usual, I am getting more and more comfortable meeting new women as a woman without being introduced by others. Yet, I realize that I have to work on my voice, as that is the most important "give away" that I am trans.  Now that 'll be working in Lower Manhattan, I'll contact the speech therapist who specialized in transgender speech, and see what she can do for me, and at what price she is willing to charge me.  (This may be the one and only advantage I have in working in Lower Manhattan - the therapist's office is only a 10 minute walk away from where I'll be working.)

- - - - - -

I now have a goal - to save up as much as possible, so that I can retire earlier than planned. During the time I was unemployed, I got to like having the days free for me to do what I liked. But to do this, I need money - and I can't get it by sitting on my ass....

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