Friday, February 19, 2016

A new meetup group, and a game won by accident.

There were only 3 things on my calendar for today:
  1. A visit to my doctor.
  2. Meeting a new women's meetup group in Bronxville.
  3. Thursday night games in Yonkers.
And each of them went off as planned, even though I had another minor glitch with the new firm (which got resolved).

- - - - - -

I always dread my periodic visits to my GP, as I'll get the appropriate nag about my weight, diet, and exercise regimen.  This visit was little different, save one thing - the doctor was happy about where my blood pressure was, and only instructed me to get rid of the carbs in my diet.  (This is always hard for me to do these days, though I had no trouble doing this years ago.)  

When I left the doctor's office, I found that the new firm had a problem with the picture I sent in for my badge, via the following message in my inbox:

Unfortunately, our Badge Administration team is unable to use the photo you submitted. Could you please send me a photo on a solid background?

I let my future boss know that I'd have to wait until someone came home, so that I could have my picture taken against one of the walls of the communal stairway. While waiting, I figured that I'd dig out my old DSLR camera and put it on a tripod and see what I could do.

One problem.  The battery (and my backup) hadn't been used in over a year, and were totally discharged.  I had problems with getting enough of a charge to take a picture or two, and using the self timer so that I could take my own picture.

It's amazing how little I've used this camera. The original "Alpha" line from Sony used technology bought from Minolta when it exited the consumer camera business. Instead of taking SD memory cards like most cameras do these days, it uses the larger CF cards. And my model didn't offer the option of using the Sony memory sticks.  So if I want to get more memory cards, I either have to find CF cards or use a SD to CF card adapter. At least, I was able to use an "all purpose" lens that I bought for the old Minolta camera that I inherited from my late wife.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get this camera to work right, and was finally able to find a cheap pocket camera I could use to get an appropriate selfie. Although I'm not going to show you my whole face, I will show you something I've shown here before - my double chin.

There was no way I wanted to have this picture on my ID card, so I Photoshopped the original picture I sent my future boss and asked him to find out whether the updated plain background was acceptable.  Luckily, it was....

- - - - - -

This effort took up the time I planned to spend getting a new navy blue blazer for use at the new job.  (I planned to be en-homme until 4:00 pm or so, and then change into Marian mode for the 6:00 pm meetup.)  However, by the time I was done, I didn't have the time to buy the blazer, run home, change into Marian, and then drive to the meetup in Bronxville. So I decided to change into Marian mode, when GFJ called to chat a bit.  

Once I was done with GFJ, it was a quick half hour trip to Bronxville, where I met about 12 women at the bar.  (Another 10 people would come to the meetup while I was there.)  And all accepted me as Marian, and we all had a great time.  (Damn!  I wish this meetup group had been formed earlier, as "Westchester Ladies" seems to be much better organized than "Gal Pals".)  Hopefully, I'll be able to meet up with these ladies when GFJ is off doing her high intensity hikes in the Spring.

- - - - - -

Sadly, 7:30 pm came way too quickly, and it was time for me to go to the Yonkers game venue 15 minutes away. But I really enjoy playing games with the group, and would hate to miss a single week.  So I trekked across town (I was next door to Yonkers) and grabbed a quick bite to eat on the way over to the venue.  Although I lost the first game we played, I won the second because of an accidental misplay by the person who should have won the game.

It was nice to see a new person at the venue, and I hope he comes again.  But the most important thing was that one of the ladies was planning on staying at the local B&B in Croton, and I was able to tell her quite a bit about it after our games were over.  Unfortunately, she has a health problem that has been causing her pain, and she (with husband) may not be able to go there for Valentine's Day weekend.  Hopefully, they will soon be able to treat her successfully, and she will get back to her normal vivacious self.





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