Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A day running errands en-homme

Today was a day to be spent en-homme.  The first thing on my list to do was go to the dentist, with possible other tasks related to my new job - which would include a drug test.  Dealing with dentists is easy for me.  But I have philosophical problems with drug tests, even though I will take one (and pass it) without complaint.

When I went to the dentist, the hygienist found an area of concern which we will monitor for the next appointment. Other than that, I got a better bill of oral health today - I think because using the CPAP machine and a chin strap is helping to keep crap out of my mouth at night. Hopefully, on my next visit, I won't have any problems in this area - especially if I am more careful with my flossing. 

But enough about my dental health....
Drug tests are unnecessary procedures for most jobs, as they do not screen out people who are abusing legal substances.  They also put the onus on business to enforce a political system's disdain of drug use and of drug users.  Even though most Americans want Marijuana legalized for medical use (and almost as many for recreational use), Congress still maintains its warped reality that claims that there is no legitimate use for the substance. I'm not going to make the argument in this blog for legalization, save to note that our political system is behind the curve these days, and that businesses are performing unneeded drug tests because there has not been enough strong leaders to eliminate this process for most job openings.

A while back, Lili offered me some recreational smoke (I won't say where or exactly when), and I declined it.  I am very glad that I did so, as it takes about a month for the metabolites to get out of one's system.  But what if I had been under treatment for epilepsy?  One of the common drugs would metabolize into the same substances that Marijuana does.  How could they tell the difference?  And why should someone taking a LEGAL prescription drug have to explain one's medical treatment to an HR person?  As it is, I may have to mention the two blood pressure pills I take if there is any problem....

Enough about my feelings on drug testing....

After lunch, I received one email telling me about a drug test, I thought to myself - "Fine, now let's get this process over with."  One problem - the link for the drug test information never was sent to my email address.  It likely got caught up in a system's spam filter and not delivered to me.   So I had to contact this firm, and ask them to send the email to one of my alternate addresses.  

Now in possession of the email for the drug test, I had to find out whether I needed an appointment, or whether I should just drop in.  So I called the place, and found out that I could drop in anytime between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm.  Another problem - I have to be en-femme for the next two days, so I rushed out the door to make it to the testing center on time.  Once there, the place looked as I expected - "business sterile", but with a lack of humanity that reflects the seamy underside of American business.  "Seamy underside?", you might ask. And I'd say, Yes, the place is designed to send a cultural message to people that they are lucky to find work. Instead of being able to process people quickly, they get stacked up on line (albeit seated), each waiting to pee into a cup.  One person was there since 2:30 pm - that seems inexcusable.  But I'm sure that I don't have all the facts.  Either way, I was waiting for 30 minutes before my time to pee into a cup, and I'm glad I was out by 5:00 pm.

Now that we're done with today's en-homme activities....

Just before I left to get drug tested,  BXM texted me to see if I was interested in an outfit she saw at the thrift store.  I told her to send me a picture before I made a decision.  If things look good, there will be another trip to the Bronx to see BXM and the outfit.  

Later on, I received an email from Estelle (a woman I met on the cruise).  She is interested in getting together for a play.  But now that I don't have free time available during the week, I'll have to find a free weekend to do something with her.  (Of course, I have to find a day to get together with Beverly from the cruise as well....)

The only question I had left at the end of the day - Do I get dressed again, and go out en-femme?

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