Thursday, February 25, 2016

A board meeting that lasted way too long....

Today was a day totally spent en-homme.  But that was because I had to pick up my blazer from the tailor, and then attend a board meeting that lasted way too long.  Thankfully, I didn't have to go far to take care of either task.

The clock is ticking away, and the reality of going to a new job looms much larger every day. Sometime in early afternoon, my future boss emailed me to give me a choice of meeting time for a class they were giving next Wednesday. (I think I'm going to work well with this fellow - he's asking me about the use of my time before I even join the firm, instead of just dropping me into a class.) 

Once I took care of this minor task, it was time to get showered and dressed, then pick up the new blazer I bought last week.  I was surprised when the charge for altering the blazer came in less than expected, as this is the same tailor I used to alter the suit I wore on the interview for this job.  By the time I picked up the blazer, it was time for a late lunch, and off I went to the local pizzeria - for a decent, but not completely satisfying sandwich.  (It's amazing how we get used to salt in our foods - I guess the lack of a strong taste came from the lack of salt in the food, and that's a good thing for a person like me.) 

When I looked at my watch, I noticed that it was almost time for my co-op board meeting.  So I went home, picked up my notepad, and went to the meeting.  Normally, these meetings last a couple of hours, but today's meeting lasted almost 3 1/2 - 4 hours.  OUCH!  I'm glad that our next meeting will be later and more time constrained.

Once done with the meeting, HWV and I went to Memphis Mae's BBQ for dinner.  YUM!   But it is not as good as Holy Smoke BBQ, so I'm concerned that a decent place to eat will be eclipsed by a much better place serving similar food.  (I hate seeing good places go out of business.) As usual, we had a long, but very enjoyable conversation - and I'm sure we'll be doing this again soon. 

During our chat, HWV and I discussed a deal that I wish I could take advantage of - an Amtrak special that provided for travel anywhere in the system for $99 - a great bargain, if one has the time and money.  Sadly, HWV has the time and money and I don't. Otherwise, the two of us (me as Marian) would be trekking somewhere for enjoyment.  It's just as well, because I wonder if I'm stretching things thin with traveling on vacation with Lili and not with her....

Alas, the day ended too soon - and both of us were tired after dinner.  But HWV and I will meet again soon - and we will have a great time as friends....

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