Thursday, January 14, 2016

Sleep late, and prosper....

I never made it out of the house today, and it was just as well.  The temperature outside was around freezing, and not expected to be much better until tomorrow morning.

- - - - - -

Not having a job provides me with one luxury most people don't have - the freedom to get up when I want.  Today, the alarm woke me up around 8 am, and I silenced it, falling back to sleep until noon. This cut into the time I should have been taking the online course - and I expect that I'll pay for that mistake over the next couple of days.

When I scanned my email, I received a message from one of the co-op board members. Someone had reported a situation where another resident's health was at risk - and that we had to address promptly.  Privacy concerns prevent me from going into details, but this person could have been at serious risk had he/she had gone outside in the cold. Luckily, the co-op's managing agent is aware of the problem and is addressing it to the best of her ability.

Once done with my email (and other distractions) I proceeded to take the first of two modules (scheduled for today) in the online course.  Hopefully, I'll do OK in the assessments, or I'll have let a $800 freebie go to waste.

- - - - - -

Yes, I could have done much more with the day.  But this was a case where my comfort won out. Tomorrow, I may go to a women's meetup group (in Marian mode) to learn to play Mah Jongg, depending on how I feel at the time. I figure it this way - the more I'm with cisgender women, the more like them I can learn to be....

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