Saturday, January 16, 2016

Quickie: Let's get President Obama on Real Time with Bill Maher!

Given that every major politician is doing the round of talk shows, it is time to get our president to appear on Real Time with Bill Maher. 

One might think it unseemly for a president to appear in forums such as this.  But it makes perfect sense for Obama to appear here.  "Real Questions" can get asked, and get answered in a less than political way.  Comedians do not adhere to the political script, and we can get a glimpse of the man "behind the green curtain".

As I started this quickie entry, roughly 45% of the signatures needed were submitted online. The White House petitions site for this issue had over 30,000 people putting their names on the petition within 6 hours of initial broadcast.  I'm hoping to see this count hit the 100,000 number by the end of the weekend - a fitting way to celebrate Martin Luther King day weekend, by pressuring the president to answer to the people without a safety net.

Do I think this is a realistic request?  Hell, yes!  If our president could appear on The Colbert Report, then I think this would also be just as good a guest appearance.  Ideally, he'd be there for most of the show - and we could get an honest give and take between him and an equally qualified "honest" Republican.  I can dream, can't I?

So if you agree with me, please visit White House petitions site and put your name on the petition ASAP!


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