Friday, January 8, 2016

New Year's Eve

As I write this, the new year is fast approaching. And I could do a retrospective on the year. But it wouldn't make sense.  Instead, I'd like to focus on the insanity all around us.

- - - - - -

Recently, we've seen one political party go off the deep end.  (You can easily guess which one I'm talking about.)  They have decided to treat all gender variant people like they were the plague incarnate. Although they are on the losing side, they can cause many of us TG's many problems in the closing skirmishes of a cultural war.

There are signs of hope. States like New York have governors who have used their powers to protect transgenders.  And most of us are gaining acceptance in the greater community around us. But this is not enough. We have to conquer our own prejudices to enable us to take the next series of steps towards acceptance. In my case, I prefer to see transgender people who are successfully able to blend in with cisgender females, in part because I believe in taking a soft approach towards general acceptance.  Yet, there are other ways of promoting our causes - and I also have to become comfortable with others who believe in an "in your face" way of saying "I have a right to be accepted".

But there are things that are very worrisome. There are a lot of people who believe that they have the right to police the world, and stop things that offend them.  Recently, a butch lesbian was ejected from a women's room (video) for not having id that proved she was female.  (More info on incident....)   Imagine what would have happened if one of us transgender folk were to have been there at the time?  I shudder to think what might have resulted....

- - - - - -

Next year, I plan to go out more often and travel en-femme, and travel more often as well.  It won't be easy unless I have a better income stream than I have now, but I will find something soon.  But even if I don't have a better income stream, I still plan on living more of my life as Marian than I did the previous year.

No matter what happens, this new year will be interesting....

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