Sunday, January 31, 2016

Blizzards - Most people prefer those from Dairy Queen

I wish Mother Nature would learn Dairy Queen's recipe for a Blizzard.  If she did, more people would like to have them in the Winter....

- - - - - -

This was a perfect day to stay in my jammies.  Given the snow outside, it didn't make any sense to drive anywhere.

The further North one lived, the less snow there would be on the ground.  GFJ reported no snow where she lives, and is working at her office today.  Whereas, the further South one lived, the more problems one had with the snow.  For example, Joanie (who works at a NYC based call center for a NYC based educational institution) was packed up to stay the night at a hotel local to the call center, and was doing a 12 hour stint, with another 12 hour stint to come later today.  But then, NYC already had over 12 inches of snow (at 12 noon) to deal with.  (Am I fixated on the number 12?  Nah.  But it looked good in print....<g>)

- - - - - -

Given this daytime picture, I'm not too worried about clearing the snow off my car tomorrow morning. But I feel sorry for people like Pat, who are not able to do this.  We have so many people in our community who are unable to take care of themselves.  I hope that they have close (read: local) friends who can help them out in times like these....

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