Wednesday, August 5, 2015

An unplanned day at the GLBT Center, and a light bite to eat with Lili.

Doesn't this bowl of soup look yummy?  Well, it seems that whenever I go to Panera Bread, I end up having a bowl of Chicken and Wild Rice soup, or (much less often) go for the bowl of Onion Soup. Either way, I enjoy the soups at Panera much more than those from Hale and Hearty.

- - - - - -

When I got up today, I knew that I had to find some time to give to the GLBT Center, as I ended up blowing them off the week before. So, I decided to go there today, and blow off a webinar I wanted to attend for a product that the NPW is considering using. This allowed me to schedule my next visit at the therapist's for Thursday morning, and have more than enough time to change for my next outing as Marian later in the evening.

They were surprised to see me there on a Tuesday, but it didn't bother them much. They needed their website updated with "Dos and Don'ts to be a Trans* Ally".  (I can't find it there now....)  It was a comedy of errors, as the text I was looking for was not on the internet, and had to be scanned in.  But this wasn't the last of the problems, as the scan was flawed, and we had to do a lot of corrections before having a decent text version.  And then, when we uploaded it to the web site (in Wordpress), we found more problems, as the scanning software added hidden tab characters which screwed up a lot of edits.

Eventually, I had a good document - and then showed what I was doing to the folk at the GLBT Center.  They were impressed, but I know would balk at the cost for this product. However, the other product we're evaluating at NPW may be much cheaper for us - and may end up being perfect for their needs.

- - - - - -

When I left, I tried to reach Pat (the former hypnotist), and she was out.  She's probably still away with her boyfriend - and that's a good thing, as long as they avoid talk of politics. Given that Pat is 75, she's willing to put up with a lot to have a man who is interested in her - in spite of her negatives (which we all have).  So I ended up going home, and chatted with Lili.  She wanted me to come over to have a steak at her house.  One problem - I hate going there, knowing that she feeds the raccoons.

(No, I don't mean this type of Raccoon!)

I ended up lying, and said that I ate late, and didn't know if I had plans for the evening.  As a result, she suggested that we meet at Panera, and I killed some time so that I could arrive at roughly the same time as she did.

As usual, the soup was yummy - and we had a good chat.  Afterwards, we went to the Home Depot, so that she could buy some plants for one of her rental houses.  Buying the plants wasn't a problem. But she didn't know what size light bulk to use to replace her ceiling lights. A smaller bulb would work, but not look as nice.  But a bulb too large would be unusable.  The smart thing to do would be to wait, bring in one of her bulbs, and then buy what she needed.  However, she hemmed and hawed, not wanting to accept the reality that she should not buy  the bulbs until she knew what she really needed.  This was frustrating as hell - especially since I was starting to sweat under my wig.  I had to get out - and Lili wasn't helping.  Only after she said that the store wasn't that warm, did I remind her that my wig adds 10-15 degrees to the perceived temperature. And then she realized that it was time to leave.

- - - - - -

After Lili dropped me off at my car, I went to Walmart to pick up a few things - including an inexpensive standing torch light to replace one that's failing in my bedroom.  (The on/off rotating switch isn't working, and it's cheaper to replace the darned thing.)  By the time I got home, the baseball game was on - and I made the mistake of turning the game off at the end of the 1st inning, when I saw that Texas was ahead 5-1.  Little did I know that the Yanks would answer back with 11 runs, in what eventually became a 21-5 blowout.  At least, I went back to watching the game before the start of the 3rd inning.....

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