Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A needed day en-femme, and a dinner with "Poly" friends.

This post was originally going to be titled with a phrase like "Does Poly want a cracker?" But I already used something like it before, and I figured that I'd rather find a picture of some parrots feeding instead - the closest thing to a Parrot eating a cracker.

- - - - - -

Unlike the past few mornings (while GFJ was here), I had no distractions which kept me from working on the demonstration website for the non-profit I work with.  I was able to set up part of a web site that mimics the existing website used by NPW. I'm not sure of how well what I've done will be received, but it's a decent start for what we'd need to do to cut over to this product.  Hopefully, I'll get enough time to play with this product before we lose the benefits of the trial access we now have.

When I was done working with the CRM platform, I ended up sending out some more resumes before going out (as Marian) to Newburgh for a monthly gathering of the Hudson Valley Polyamory group (and a visit to The Avenue, to kill time before dinner with this group).  Arriving at Annsville Circle, I found that the "Goat Path" to the Bear Mountain Bridge was out - someone had an accident and blocked the road. So I suffered in a traffic jam up to Garrison, where Bear Mountain Bridge traffic took an alternate route to the bridge.  Eventually, I reached the Beacon-Newburgh bridge, and hit another traffic jam. Route 84 was almost at a standstill, so I ended up taking side roads over the the store.

Arriving at the store, I saw the daytime manager (who was ending her shift), as well as DD.  The daytime manager told me that they thought I was applying for an assistant manager position, where I'd have been expected to drop everything to cover occasional shifts.  When she heard that I was applying for the "associate" position (read: vanilla grunt), she realized that they could hire me. So, I have a shot at working for up to 30 hours each week in Marian Mode.

- - - - - -

Around 7:00 pm, I left and moved my car the 1/4 mile (if that) it took to traverse the distance from the Newburgh Mall to Perkins' Restaurant next door. And I still wasn't the first person to arrive.  Just as well. But I had a great time chatting with the rest of the Polyamorous crew, and had my needed night out in Marian Mode that I hadn't had since last Wednesday....

GFJ is right to one degree - giving up Marian for the time I'm with her is a strain on me.  But it is one I'll gladly deal with in order to have a relationship with her. However, she is not in a position to think about the long term - once her upcoming divorce liquidates the communal assets, she may have to move away, in order to be able to support herself - as she has no pension, and her social security benefits are likely negligible.

In a big way, I feel sorry for her.  If she were 40 instead of 60, she'd have no problem finding work - and she might have been able to save enough to have a tolerable retirement. But this is not the case. And if she stays with me in the long term, I might as well also go out to work, as we won't be able to spend that many long vacations together due to economic necessity. (And I still may need to do this anyway, as I was forced out of my job at least 5-10 years earlier than I'd have left on my own.)  At least, I'll be able to do some kind of work (paid/unpaid) as Marian....

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