Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hump Day

It's already "Hump Day" and my weekend's booked!   (And the one after that may also get booked quickly too....)

On Friday, I'll probably be going out with my niece to do another museum after work.  I enjoy getting to know her - she's a good kid, and I only want the best for her.

Saturday, it's off (as Marian) to see an Off-Broadway musical which spoofs "Silence of the Lambs".  (Too bad I can't go back 11 years and see "Debbie Does Dallas, the play".  They took out the porn, added music, and the laughs came for free.  It's amazing how bad the dialogue usually is in many porn films.)  I'm hoping this play will be entertaining.  The most recent play I saw, "Zelda at the Oasis" was a dud.  I was tired of seeing the lead character drink herself to death from the first 5 minutes of the play.  But, for $20, it was worth the gamble. 

On Sunday, it's off (also as Marian) to see "Avenue Q".  I've seen it before, and enjoyed it - especially the number "The Internet is for Porn".  I'll be going with a friend who loved the way I looked as Marian, saying that I was more relaxed and natural in female mode than in male mode.  After the play, I'll probably be working to set up her new TV and some other electronics - doing a favor for a friend who needs one.

Now, the tollowing weekend may limit my being in Marian mode.  I'll be seeing a woman I've previously dated for dinner, and then another one of the "20 at 20" deals.  So, I'll be in boy mode that evening. :-(   But there is one more day of the Off-Broadway theater deals - and I'll take advantage of one of them in the way I'm growing more comfortable....   But more on this when that weekend comes closer.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Quickie - Update to Off-Broadway

Guess what....  

The more I'm in my female persona, the more I do typical things like a woman. 

Yesterday, I used my handbag holder when out to lunch.  (Like many women, we prefer to hang our bags at our sides, and not let them lay on the floor.)  Well, I forgot this little item when I left the restaurant - and I won't have the chance to visit the place to pick it up until next weekend.  It is actually cheaper for me to order one via Amazon, than to fetch the old one.  So guess what I plan to do.... 

Of course....   Go Shopping Online! <g>

Sunday, January 27, 2013

They say the neon lights are not so bright Off-Broadway

Well, that is a long title for a blog entry. But it does provide an interesting point of reference for today's events. 

Today, I was to supposed to meet up with two of my friends for lunch, and then go to see "Forever Dusty" with one of them.  Well, one of these friends had car trouble, so I had a very enjoyable with the other. 

Now, our original plans were to meet up at a Dim Sum restaurant sited in a suburban hotel.  I had heard of this place from one woman I dated a long time ago, and my interest was piqued.  And this place will be my go-to place for dim sum when I don't want to trek into NYC - it is much metter than 99% of the dim sum joints I've been to, and I know of only one other that is better....

After a very filling lunch, we had time to kill before going to the theater, so it was off to a special second hand store which sells one designer's merchandise - which is the only way my friend can afford goods of such quality.  I find it pleasantly amazing that she thought of me (in Marian mode) when shopping there earlier in the week - and now see why she loves the store.  There was one dress there that looked perfect on me, that coupled with a pair of leggings would make a fantastic outfit.  But I couldn't justify buying the cornerstone for such a limited use outfit.  I'm sure I will be there again with my friend....

So, it was off to the theater, and we parked across the street - at a very reasonable price.  Waiting on line for the 20 at 20 deal, we heard that seating was limited - and we were lucky to get two of the last available seats.  If you're in NYC, I highly recommend seeing this play.

But there was one fly in the ointment for the day, something that us trans folk with friends who know us in both our personas must watch out for.  My friend accidentally made the mistake of using the wrong pronoun (he, not she) several times.  She was making the effort, and apologized when she caught the mistake herself, saying that she is so used to seeing me as a "he", that switching the pronoun to a "she" when I'm in my female persona is not yet a habit.  (I think that's why I have it easier, using the idea of "Brother" and "Sister" when referring to each persona.  This way, treating each persona as a separate person inhabiting the same bofy, helps make it easier to keep things straight for me....)

So, next weekend, we'll be doing the same thing - but with a different play.  This time, I hope she uses the correct pronoun without thinking....

Another visit to the North Country

This one's a quickie by another name....

Yesterday was a visit to my friends in the North Country.  As usual, it was a very pleasant time, and a wonderfully safe place to socialize as Marian.  However, I drove upstate in a car which is now of questionable trustworthiness in the cold weather - and figured that as long as I left around 10 pm, I should have no trouble with the car --- and I had none when I left.

Today is a trip into NYC to see an Off-Broadway plat as part of the "20 at 20" deal - get to the theater 20 minutes before time, and if tickets are available to selected shows, you can buy then for $20 each.  It's a great deal.  And I'm hoping to see all the weekend shows en-femme.

I'll be wearing flats, so don't wish that I "break a leg"....

Friday, January 25, 2013

I can't wait for the weekend to come

It seems forever since I've been out en-femme.  And with the exception of a Saturday morning coffee date, I'll be en-femme for the rest of the weekend.  Saturday afternoon will be another trip to the North Country, and Sunday will be a trip to NYC to see an Off-Broadway play.  I can't wait!!!!

On other matters, I exchanged a series of emails with one of this blog's readers.  (I'll leave her unnamed for now - she sent email directly to me and not as blog comments.)  But one of the things we were discussing was the purchase of beard cover at a New York City shop catering to theatrical types. 

One of the things that a smart M->F trans person has to learn quickly is how to cover the beard, so that one can go for the better part of a day without that obvious sign of masculinity showing.  There are many videos out on YouTube, but they all share a common theme - on caucasian faces, one would use an orange base on the face (blended with foundation) to counter the blue/black of the beard stubble.  (On Black trans folk, there is a different color used - one can look up the various brands of beard cover and buy the darkest shade - there are usually two primary shades.) 

Back to my online friend...  She'll be coming up to the NYC area in the Summer - and it'll be good to see her for lunch.   If any other of this blog's readers come to NYC, I'll be glad to show them around - especially on a spring or fall weekend when it's cool....  But I warn you - I will go to some of the lesser visited sites in the city, as well as venturing into the outer boroughs for things like Coney Island's Sideshow Museum.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Double Dipping

Today, I had the pleasure of seeing two friends while en-femme.  The first friend knew I was going to visit en-femme, while the second friend didn't even know I'd be in her area until I called to say I was passing through - and wondered if we could meet for coffee....

Well....  Let me start at the beginning.

The first friend I visited was a lady I used to work with many years ago.  Both of us know about each other's kink, and I wanted an excuse to get around NYC while en-femme - so I combined a trip to visit her with an en-femme outing.  As expected, she had two friends over, one of whom she knew from The Eulenspiegel Society ( - so I had no reason to feel uncomfortable meeting them en-femme.  It was a pleasant afternoon, as we watched a movie on the new TV just brought into her apartment.

Like the lady I referenced in yesterday's blog, this lady is also single.  But there is a very big difference between the two women.  The first woman is looking for others to complete her.  The second woman is looking to complete herself, and hopefully find a partner for the rest of her trip through life.  You can guess which of these friends I'm more comfortable being with.  And before I left for the night, I asked her to always note flaws in my female presentation (she noted the voice, as expected) - and she asked me to note on ways she could improve her image to find a mate.... One will notice that both the second lady and I are looking to improve ourselves to achieve our goals, and not look to others to give us the keys to achieve them....

Once I left my friend, I decided to walk up to Herald Square to do some window shopping.  One thing I've been unhappy with for a while now, is that my black pocketbook is not big enough - and I want to find another crossbody bag as good as the brown one I often use....  Although Penney's didn't have one I liked, Macy's had one - but I'm not really sure if I want to spend the money on a new bag right now.  (Paying for two wardrobes is expensive - and my "brother" needs a couple of new pairs of pants.)

After ending my shopping excursion (with my wallet at full capacity), I went back up to the Bronx to pick up my car.  (I parked by the subway station across the street from an ex-GF's house, an ex-GF that I don't want to contect again - having took 8 years too long to break things off.)  Having noticed on her Facebook feed a comment that her family is not doing well (her aging parents could be sick, or her mother in law could be sick), I hope things go well for her - but I am not going to open up old wounds for either of us by establishing contact.  I'm glad I could park on a street that she never drives on, and go to the station using a different path than in the past, and be unnoticed by anyone who might have remembered me....

I remembered that I dropped the pressed powder applicator from my compact on the subway car's floor I was in.   And I figured that I might as well stop by Target on the way back to pick up a new compact and makeup sponge wedges.  It happens that Target was around the corner from another friend - so I called her up, and she was available for me to drop by for a cup of coffee.  She buzzed me into the building when I got there, and was pleasantly shocked to see me en-femme.  What amazed me and her, was her reaction to me - that I was a natural, and should be en-femme more.  The conversation we had dealt with many things, but had sexuality as a common theme.  And it was the type of conversation that she'd only have with another woman, in this case a GM femulating a GG.  She wished she could have recorded it, and captured it for others - as it touched on so many areas intelligently, and in very thought provoking ways.  Sadly, no one can predict when elements of serendipity will coalesce into great fortune, but we had it for a fleeting moment - which lasted much more than the half hour allotted for a cup of coffee.

Of course, my voice was the denominator which identified me as male - when my mouth was open.  But she noted I had wonderfully androgenous mannerisms, and that when I presented as female, that I seemed to blossom.  Over the course of the conversation, I relaxed and the pitch of my voice dropped....  This gives me something to think about - the vocal imprint I had as a child got screwed up.  But it leaves me with a great opportunity for femulation if I can take full advantage of it.   My friend also noted that she'd be much more than comfortable going out with me as another woman - and would invite me to patries as a woman. All of this her initiative!!!!   So I might have her come with me to the Off-Broadway plays I'll be seeing soon - as two gals going out on the town.

As I said before - the more I do this, the more comfortable I get doing this.  There's a part of me that really would be happy to stay in this mode.  But right now, this is impossible.  Marian has turned back into a pumpkin, and her "brother" will be going to work bright and early in the morning....

Monday, January 21, 2013

Miscellaneous thoughts

The more I think about the conversation I had yesterday with my friend, the more I realize that she has a serious problem with her expectations of people - and that it was a mistake to get in contact with her.  In the past year and a half, I've learned that no one person can be the focus of my life.  Instead, one has to have friends for many purposes, and friends with many degrees of closeness.  And yet, not enough of these seeds have taken root - much of this being my fault.  Sadly, my friend has not yet learned this lesson for herself. 

But enough of that...  Here's an early photo of myself wearing a dress, just so you can see how far I've come with my presentation in a short time.

You'll notice that the wig is wrong for me - it hasn't yet been styled properly.  Compare that picture with one taken of me approximately 3 months later....

There's a lot more confidence in the second picture.  (And the second picture is not as kind to the shape of my face as the first one is.)   By the time New Years' came around, I was at this level:

Yes, the picture is shadowed, but I'm starting to develop a style of my own.  I'm now experimenting with styles of dresses, tops and skirts.  And people are very accepting of me while en-femme.  I only wish I had the confidence to do this a few years ago!

Unlike most weekends, I have off on Monday due to MLK day.  So I'm going to visit another friend en-femme.  This female friend once had a crush on me, and would have liked for us to have a relationship after my wife passed away.  She wasn't the right person for me, and we've been able to maintain our friendship, in part because we didn't expect for the other to fill in all the holes in each other's lives.  She's had a bit of hard luck as of late, but somehow manages to survive.  There's a lot of good I can say about her, but I'll leave that for another blog entry when covering it would be meaningful to that entry.

Now, this coming week is the start of NYC's Off-Broadway "20 at 20" deal.  This deal allows a person to purchase Off-Broadway theater tickets 20 minutes before showtime to selected shows for $20, over a 20 day period.  It's a great deal - especially when you can't get these show tickets for less than $40/$50 most nights.  If I see a show during the week, it'll be en-homme.  However, when I see shows on the weekend, it'll be en-femme.  (And I have 3 shows planned already, 2 of them with friends.)   In addition, in 3 weeks, I have a weekend date with another old female friend - and she knows I'll be coming down en-femme.  It's nice to be able to be "out" with my friends (in more ways than one).

Saturday, January 19, 2013


Have you ever had a friend tell you something you already knew, but it still hurt just the same?  That's what I felt when a friend told me that she asked a couple of people that saw me with her before the holidays whether they could tell I was not a natal female.  D'oh!!!They all said that my body and mannerisms all said "Female", but when I spoke, my mouth said "Male".   I knew this up front, and didn't need to hear it tonight....  If this friend were a TV character, she'd be Homer Simpson, ignorant of all the things that could be changed with a little effort.  

As I noted in an earlier posting, this person has no clue why she isn't attracting men.  Tonight, she asked me if I wanted to do Weight Watchers with her.  If it were a different friend, I might have said yes.  But with this person, we'd only pull each other down - neither of us could help each other when we needed it most.  She's still looking for someone to complete her.  I'm only looking for a companion, a friend for the rest of this trip called life. 

Why might you ask did I turn down this person as a WW partner?  How would we pull each other down?   I'm at the stage where if I hang out with people doing the right things in their lives, that I will follow their leads and do the same with my life.  My friend is far from this stage.  She needs someone to lean on - and two people with the same type of eating problems would not be able to support each other at their respective stages of life.

So, I have to start doing the right things for myself.  And that will likely mean going out and doing more walking on the nights I'm not occupied (or the weather isn't oppressive).  Please keep your fingers crossed that I do so, and check in on me now and then....

Friday, January 18, 2013

Dinner with friends

Grabbed my coat, grabbed my hat, made the bus in seconds flat....

That's how I felt leaving work tonight, as I had to get pretty before I went out to dinner.  Everything fell into place to allow me to leave the office a little late, and yet make the train I needed to make.  Once I was on the train, I knew I'd have enough time to take a quick shower, shave, and become pretty again - this would be the first time I had the chance to meet my ex-girlfriend (from 10+ years ago) and her husband while en-femme. And, just like a woman, I had the struggle to find something fitting to wear to dinner.

What do you think of this?  Of course, I don't have a feminine waist.  Until I lose some weight, this is as good as it's going to get.  (Yes, Denae Doyle could give me some pointers, but I'm not looking to go on stage any time soon....)

In retrospect, I found it very interesting that the husband treated me like a lady, escorting me to the table, and hugging me as we were about to go to hour homes for the evening.  Yes, he was having a little fun, but in the back of his mind - I wonder what he was thinking.  (My ex GF noted that I looked equally good in my masculine and feminine presentations, but more relaxed in female mode.)  Since gender presentation, preference and identification goes to the core of our personalities in American culture, I'll bet that it was easier for him to treat me like a lady when presenting as one.

Well, it's time for me to turn into a pumpkin.  I've already pulled off my wig, and it's time to clean the makeup off my face.  And I'm not going to publish THAT picture!!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Get togethers... a Quickie

As regular readers of this blog know, I've been trying to meet as many of my friends as possible en-femme.  I have two reasons.  The first is that I really want to know how they'll react seeing me this way.  The other is that I need as much practice in this presentation as possible.

Tomorrow, I'm meeting my ex-girlfriend (from 10 years ago) and her husband for the first time in female mode.  So this means that I'll be rushing home early, prepping my face again for going out, and then getting the rest of myself ready for the world.  As much as I'm looking forward to this, there is a part of me that is a tiny bit nervous. 

Over the next few weeks, a friend and I are going to NYC to see some Off-Broadway plays.  Of course, I'll be seeing them en-femme.  I've invited a third friend to join us - if only for lunch before the theater.  It'll be nice to have two of my friends get to know each other - if only that they better know the references in my life when I talk about things....  

Monday, January 14, 2013

Choices - to go out or not....

This post is more of a quickie....

I was thinking of getting changed, and going out shopping en-femme after work.  But the more I thought about of it (and looking at my budgeted money supply), the more I said that I would delay doing any more shopping for a while....

It's not as bad as it sounds...  On Thursday, I'll be rushing home a little early, so that I can get pretty for dinner out with a couple of friends.  If I remember, I'll ask them to take my picture (and maybe get them in a picture with me as well), as it would be nice to post a few new pictures to this blog.

Two things of note....

On Stana's blog, the guest blogger, Paula, had an interesting adventure in Texas.  I'm not sure if I'd feel comfortable traveling pretty in Lubbock.  But Paula's experience gives me a little more confidence to try being pretty in more places than I'd have originally considered.

On Meg's blog, she recounts going out to a GLBT game party - and feeling comfortable.  I have to congratulate Meg (who is an inspiration to me) for continuing to expand her areas of comfort.  I'd love to look as good as she does.  Now, if only I could lose some of this extra weight I carry....  Once I have mastered the art of speaking in a feminine manner, I might just visit a social group en-femme and see how well I'm accepted. 

It's amazing how many of us are traveling down similar paths, and how much the efforts of the people before us have paved the way for us to follow.  Hopefully, I can pay it forward for others to follow me....

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Paths taken and not taken....

I wonder how many people are open about their "transness" in an inverse relationship to the importance of a person in their lives.  Do most trans people find it harder to open up to those s/he cares for most, being afraid to risk damage to these relationships?

As I've mentioned in other postings, I've met several bloggers in the trans community and know the names for both their male and female personas.  But I'm very careful when I mention meeting other bloggers - I will refer to the blogger's female persona's name when I'm talking with someone who knows my Marian persona, and to the blogger's male persona's name (no last names in either case) with someone who only knows my male persona's name.  This way, if I mention meeting someone in my travels, the idea of gender identity or presentation never comes up.

Recently, I went on a date with a very nice woman. We got along well, but it would be a big mistake for me to establish a relationship with her. Her weight (and its distribution) would keep pulling my trigger to eat in excess - and I would lose all the self esteem I gained after committing to leave a relationship I was in for 8 years. This is a path I choose not to go down again. As a result, I had nothing to lose by mentioning my "transness".  

In our conversation, I mentioned my blog (but not its subject or contents) to my date, and she asked me about its subject.  I mentioned that I never talk about it on a first date, but because I'd likely not see her again, was willing to show her 2-3 pictures of me - all of which have been posted in this blog.  She was gracious enough to say no - it can wait.... 

I wouldn't mind having this woman as a friend - but that is also a path I will not take.  Having had lunch with her, I know that my eating triggers will keep getting pulled - and I can't afford that to happen, as I have enough trouble with my weight already.  Heck, I'm looking to lose a dress size or two before I go on my summer vacation.

Soon, I'll be seeing another lady for a date.  She's in much better shape, and has enough meat on the bones to be attractive to me.  (Read: she's closer to a size 18 than she is to a size 0.)  This will be our 4th date.  So I will soon have to make a decision whether we get physically intimate or not - and that will likely mean that she comes to my place.  Do I want to open up to her at this time?  I'll have to make those decisions soon....

Part of me wonders whether this is all worth it.  I want a woman in my life.  And a big part of me wouldn't mind being that woman myself (for lack of a better way to phrase it) - albeit, with a gender preference for females.  Yet, I enjoy being able to go out in the world in either role - a luxury many trans people are not able to enjoy without some serious body modifications.  (Yes, I could use some modifications myself - beard removal being one of them.)  Maybe questions I should be asking are related to sex and/or companionship - Which one do I want more?  Which one do I need more?  Can I live without either or both?  And I think that these questions have to be answered by all trans people....

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

As mentioned in my last post....

As I mentioned in my last posting, I was going to see another friend for a movie and then dinner on Sunday.  And as you can easily guess, I went in my female persona.  When my friend arrived, she didn't bat an eye and greeted me by my female name.  This was a very nice touch coming from a friend.

The movie we saw was nice - "Hyde Park on Hudson".  The script didn't have much meat to it.  But you wouldn't expect that much from a script coming from the diary and letters of FDR's cousin (5th removed) who also had a "special" relationship with him....  However, the performances of Laura Linney and Bill Murray were excellent.  If there was a movie to show Murray as a serious actor, this would be it - one forgets he is playing FDR, as he becomes FDR on screen.

It's nice to have friends who are comfortable being out with me in my female persona.  The more time I spend in this persona, the more natural it becomes to me.  And the more natural it becomes to me, the more comfortable I feel in all parts of my life.  Is it euphoria, as Meg feels?  I'm a little euphoric.  But it's more of a warm comfort of this being the way I was meant to be.  And I'm finding that my true friends are also more comfortable with me as well....

Sunday, January 6, 2013

I've got to be me....

Lately, I've been living for the weekends, as this is the time that Marian comes out to play.  When it takes about an hour plus dressing to get ready to go out, most of the time my Marian excursions will take place on weekends when I have the time to get ready.  This week was no different once I got back to work.

Although I had mentioned to one of my friends that I might be coming to the city over the weekend, I told her no to count on me until I confirm things - there were errands I had to run.  And I only got a chance to run a couple of them - but she had already made other plans by the time I got around to calling her.  No problem - she's an old friend, and neither of us have any comittments to each other.To another friend, I said that I'd call her back and that I'd try to see her over the weekend.  By the time I remembered this, she was already out of the house for the evening.  I'm lucky that she's not a potential girlfriend....

Sometime tomorrow evening, I'll be seeing another female friend who knows about the Marian side of me.  Connecting with each other to see a film was a last minute thing.  So I asked her which persona does she want to see - male or female?  And she said - surprize me.  (Of course, this means I'll be going as a female....)   Although she has seen a picture or two of my female persona, the big question is - will she recognize me?  In a way, I hope not.  This means that I'm doing a better job than expected.  We'll find out later on - and I'll report it here.

So, by the time I was ready to go out, I had to make a hard choice quickly - do I want to go into NYC and see an off-Broadway play?  Or, do I want to stay around here, and see a movie.  Given that my commutation ticket has a big "M" on it - and it doesn't stand for "Murderer", like Peter Lorre's "M" - I decided to play it safe.   Yes, I could have held my finger over the "M" or spent extra money on an off-peak round trip ticket - but why?  I had no one to see....   (As an aside - "Django Unchained" is typical Tarantino, and yet the violence seems very appropriate....  Go see it while it's in the theaters.)

Another aside....  Meg posted that she bought a new makeup storage case, allowing her to also have a smaller makeup kit for travel.  I have the big kit.  Now, it's setting up a travel kit.  And I'm halfway there....

If you think that I want to spend time in Marian mode - you're right.  I've got to be me, and this is an important part of who I am....

Friday, January 4, 2013


Relatives...  We all have them, but are they there for you in a pinch?

Every so often, I make references to my niece as the one relative to whom I may (one day) consider revealing my trans nature.  No, I have not done that.  But I did have an unplanned evening at the museum with her.  And we talked of many things - but not of shoes, or ships, or sealing wax, and definitely not whether pigs have wings.

With this being said, I keep finding that we have so much in common regarding an interest for art - that I could see her as a museum going companion when neither of us has anything better (read: someone of the opposite sex) to be with.  I hope she feels the same way - I'd like to get to know my niece and nephew while they still have time for a doting old uncle.

Now, the reason I bring tonight's chat up is she mentioned that her boss was a cross dresser (as a performer) and she had a couple of friends that did this.  It was so matter of fact for her (as I would expect from an artistic person of her generation), that I may be able to trust her with this information about me in a few years.  (One shouldn't rush things....)

One of the reasons why I want to get to know my niece and nephew is that I have no other blood relatives in that generation.  If anything happens to me (or when the natural effects of aging take their toll on me), I want to be sure that they know that I was there for themin good times, and when they needed an uncle who cared.  And, given that I'm trans, the last thing I want an inflexible father or brother to deal with is this part of my life.  So, I think I've taken a good first step to establishing the relationship(s) I want and may need....

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Eve/Day in the North Country

As I mentioned in my last post, my plans were to be "up North" for a New Year's Eve party.  What don't usually mention is that I usually bring two changes of clothes with me whenever I go to this lady's house.  If I were to stay overnight, I wouldn't know whether it makes sense for me to drive home in my male or female persona until the next morning.  This trip, I decided to let the amateur drinkers have their accidents without me. 

Driving up to the party, I was wearing a light grey pseudo-wrap dress  with a wide black belt at the waist.  (I wish I had thought to get a picture of just me in the dress when the following picture was taken.

The lady next to me is a very pretty gal when her mask is off.  She was following a custom in her homeland where New Year is treated very much like Carnevale.  (Later on, almost all the ladies at this party earned their beads. <g>)

You'll notice the glasses I'm wearing in the picture.  I use them as props to minimize my brow ridge when one sees me in person.  A better set of prop glasses are in the mail, and I hope to get a picture of me wearing them soon.

Our small group of 8 people polished off 3-4 bottles of bubbly before retiring for the evening.  I could have driven home sober that night,  but I had much more fun getting into a hot tub with the remaining party goers.  (Poof - my male persona was back.)  After another couple of hours, with one of our crew singing songs, it was off to bed.  And I was prepared with my red nighty.  (No, I won't ever have pictures of me in this outfit - I'm not into boudoir photos....)  Luckily for everyone, I slept on a downstairs couch, while the remaining 6 party goers were sleeping upstairs.  (That's my story, and I'm sticking to it - for now. <g>)

The next morning, I decided to not rouse myself from semi-consciousness when 2 of our party left the house after 3 hours of sleep.  Normally, I'd expect that I might wake people up by my enthusiastic sleep.  (I've been accused of snoring a wee little. <g>)  .However, I woke up before the upstairs crew, and decided to get to use the shower before anyone else.  By the time anyone came down from upstairs, I was fully dressed and made up for the day.  (Yes, I decided to drive home en-femme.)  But it wasn't until 12:30 that I made my move to drive home. 

Normally, my drive home would take 2 1/2 - 3 hours from this lady's house.  I figured that I might get in a little shopping while en-femme, and make it home around 4:30 or so.  So it was off I went, and I noticed that the first service area was very crowded.  With this crowd, I didn't want to wait on line for the loo, so I picked up a soda and moseyed on down to the next service area.  This one was less crowded, and I went to the loo and took care of business.  (When en-femme, I have no problems with bathroom issues - as long as my face is reasonably fresh, or it is late at night.)  When I got outside, I looked at the mirror in harsh daylight and I noticed - the early signs of beard stubble were starting to show.  So I'm glad I went when I did - and realized that I was no longer in shape to do the shopping I wanted to do.

So, I'll close out this blog entry with a slightly different version of the first picture, and say - what a difference light can do when taking a photograph....

Happy New Year to all!!!!!